How to market SmartThings? (Business model discussion)

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this come up before but I’m having trouble finding it in the forum anywhere. I was wondering if it’s currently possible, and if so, how could I sell smartthings devices? I’m thinking about selling the devices along with other smart devices supported by smartthings in my local community, as well as maybe some installation services. SmartThings is much better, cheaper and easier to install/manage than what is offered by any of the “smart home companies” in my local area. Thanks in advance!


I actually was just thinking about doing something like this too!!

I could create fortresses for people!! haha

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@tslagle13 I know, right?! I have too much fun tinkering with my own house. If people would be willing to pay me to setup their house, that would just be spectacular!

Pay me to do something I love. Ok… i guess… but twist my arm first!

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So where do you guys live? Lets get it started (SMILE)

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Im in the Chicago Land area.

Minneapolis Suburbs, Minnesota…

Maybe STs should start a authorized reseller program:).


No, dear god, no… Please stay away from this idea. Buy direct, give us referral credits, but for the love of pete, do not go the dealer model…

A recommended installer program or programmer network would be nice, pay me for my work, not to sell and support someone elses issues.


This is what I meant. Industry terms elude me here lol

@pstuart I agree with recommended installer program and programmer network, and I think it would be cool to be able to resell smartthings, also. I’m thinking a shop that sells and installs smartthings and compatible devices, plus potentially offers a layer of custom smartapps.

I’m in the Louisville, KY area btw.

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Official installation services (not an opt-in “preferred” installer network) are coming soon.

A SmartThings Brigade so to speak, lol

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I raise my hand in the Richmond Virginia area :slight_smile:


Just to make sure everyone understands we’re working with an existing network of service professionals. This announcement was made back in May:

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I am also interested in open the same concept store, :slight_smile: like @jdrorrer said. But my case Is different, in another country! I which to contact some one that can hear my request. And explain what i can offer.

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@Tyler is there anything stopping us from starting this type of thing on our own? Providing our own services but just buying the products from you?

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I don’t believe so - but I’m obviously not the decision maker in those areas. We don’t have a reseller or wholesale program at this time and therefore aren’t being proactively supportive of those efforts.

Understood. I will be buying at full price :smile:

Trust me, you don’t want to become the support arm for SmartThings. In my opinion, create a services business that focuses on installing and programming the automation, not the hardware side.

Recommend hardware, but let the consumer buy and handle the support themselves with the manufacturer / vendor.

Installing this stuff is also something that you need to check with local requirements around licensing and certifications.

Some of it can be low voltage or even AC work that would require a licensed contractor (or home owner) to install.

But there isn’t really much regulation around programming the automation part (which is the critical part) as well as supporting it on a fee based service.

One really cool concept I’ve seen some people do are support contracts. So you do the programming up front for a fee, ie $ / room or $/ device, etc. and then you do a 10-15% maintenance fee annually paid monthly. This support contract includes all updates to code, troubleshooting, etc.

This means you get regular cash flow for doing nothing, and if you do your job well in the first place, you won’t need to support it, but if you do, its out of pocket… At least the customer doesn’t have to pay truck roll charges…

Anyway, good luck. Can’t wait to see people selling integration services… Keep in mind, you are competing with the big boys, Crestron, Control4, and others, with big dealerships… You might be the cheapest, but that might not mean the customer thinks you are the best.

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