Idea: SmartApp directory

At some point SmartThings will most likely create something similar to an app store, but right now there isn’t a really good way to find a relevant SmartApp for a given situation. If I’m off here, please let me know. Here is my idea.

An external website that is dedicated to making it easy to find SmartApps. It would have good categorization, ratings, reviews, descriptions, etc. Anyone could post a SmartApp they created along with a link to the code.

It seems like there is an app out there for almost anything at this point, but if you’re new to the community finding it or even knowing it exists can be really hard.

What do you think? Would this help the community? Would you use it?

I’d be willing to put something together, it would be a pretty quick and easy weekend project. I’d be less willing to go in and populate it with info about existing apps. If someone else wants to take this project on I’d fully support that too.


I would be willing to contribute in terms of purchasing the domain, but less about programming the site. We would need to model it after the Google Play or Apple Store. In addition, we would need to put in provisions for the authors to ‘charge’ for apps (or buttons to donate to the author). One of the most frustrating things here is maintaining version control, so I don’t know if you would recreate the wheel with that or just have a forum like page that then points to GitHub which should always be the up-to-date version.

I think this is a good idea…would be willing to help out if folks old and new would use it…

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I’ve been thinking a lot about something like this too. We could even set it up with OAuth installation so that people could install the SmartApps directly, without needing to copy/paste the code (for those less technically inclined). It could probably be self-sustaining, with ads for buying different smart things from SmartThings or Amazon. I’m in for helping set it up.


I started to move in that direction with

Make sure you really love doing this, because all your free time will be eaten up supporting the store and the apps.

Let me know if I can help.


The main reason im ok with STs doing it and not me :wink: :smile:


I am game…probably don’t know what I am getting into, but as I see it the high level structure would be:

List of apps available, including version control
Allow authors to submit their apps to the site (i.e. self service)
Allow for oAuth auto installation of the apps (which could allow for version control)
Allow for app purchase and author/site contribution

Obviously, for the last item, I am thinking of how this site can be self-sustaining…which would mean the site takes care of all of the purchases and then pays the authors a percentage for the sales. THAT would probably be very time-consuming and creates a whole other level of complexity. If we do it on a contribution basis, we can only hope SmartThings would ‘buy us out’ at some point, but be run as a hobby.

Any web programmers out there up for this if I fund the domain and so some of the administration?

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Don’t forget ratings/reviews. This will be important for quality control since the apps will not be reviewed by anyone.

I’d be happy to work on some of the backend stuff.


I’m game to submit my apps once it’s up :slight_smile: Honestly don’t have time other then that

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I would add a level above that for category, probably using the same categories as the mobile app (lighting, convenience, safety, etc)

Of course you’d also want a separate list of all smartapps by name which also shows the author’s name as a distinguisher.

For categories we can probably do better than what the app/IDE do. It would be helpful to have a category that is on the level of ‘Thermostat Control’, or ‘Door Locks’

Let’s assume that no one knows the ST jargon or should have to learn it.

We still don’t have a clear message whether we are in fact allowed to sell our apps. There was a lot of discussion/speculation about ST terms and conditions elsewhere on the forum. ST never took a stance on ownership, rights and monetization.

Don’t forget support, warranty, refunds and dealing with paying customers.

No. But you will, most likely, get a badge!

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Good points! We can start with getting a site and then go from there…

What do we want to get for the domain name? I assume to not appear to be directly associated with the SmartThings company, we should probably keep that out of domain, but might be able to get away with ST. Thoughts include:


Let me know and the consensus gets a domain today…

Glad to see there is some interest!

Like I originally mentioned, I’d be willing to take this project on. But, like most side projects I do, I’m not very interested in participating in a collaborative effort. Side projects are a chance for me to work on fun things, with 100% control over every aspect of the project. My real job involves plenty of compromise and collaboration while developing things for other people, side projects are a way for me to work differently than that. :grinning:

It sounds like you guys have the ball rolling, I’ll be following the conversation. If it doesn’t look like anything is going to happen there is some chance I’ll put something together on my own. Only if nothing else is happening though.


I was only volunteering to assist in purchasing the domain, but I can stand down if someone wants to do this 100% on their own. At the end of the day, it sounds like this is a good idea, but it will be more of a hobby thing and not a real money making venture.

Let me know if you need me to purchase a domain…I can limit my involvement to that, but then you still have one other person to coordinate with for renewals and such. If you have that handled, along with everything else, I would say go for it…

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I love the “can do” attitude, and obviously the idea is great… There is a genuine need for this facility.

A domain only cost $9.00/year (or you’re paying too much), so that’s not a hurdle. I toss out a suggestion that publishing this in some valid native mobile app format would be more visible and possibly bring a payment mechanism (Apple & Google in-app purchases).

I think it is very important for contributors to this project to understand their motivations and risks. I’m concerned about creating a market that SmartThings themselves are in the best position to create and have promised to deliver, potentially puts you in competition with the Platform instead of in cooperation.

Keep the ideas flowing… But look before you leap?

Anyone coming to the Palo Alto “Happy Hour” tonight? Please introduce yourselves to me?! – I’m the one that looks like a Beagle. :see_no_evil:

I’m not thinking payments, just a place to post and find apps. If an app is for-pay, that would be between the developer and the user. My hope and expectation is that SmartThings will come up with an official solution at some point. Again, if someone else wants to take the lead on a project like this, they can go in whatever direction they please :smiley:

If we need hosting/server, we could potentially fire something up in one of our AWS accounts for this effort, unless shared hosting is sufficient. Can see what kind of code/app it is and see if it fits in our support wheelhouse.

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I’m definitely “in like” :+1: with this idea, but not quite “in love” :heart_eyes:

Have you considered that there have been some initiatives to create shared SmartThings information repositories offsite (i.e., not here on the Community) that have not gained traction. That’s the challenge that I would like to help address and causes me to hesitate to build similar resource(s).

For example, this Topic is a few weeks old, and seems a stale so far:

While it may have a different base target audience, that same wikia website could already be a resource for Community shared SmartApps.

Alternatively, the existing “Created SmartApps” Category itself (i.e., where we are posted), is meant to be a directory and showcase of shared apps.

What do you think, @April? Is there a way to make the “Created SmartApps” category a more useful directory for “new” Community Members just trying to find the best / simple solution for a problem, and/or browse for ideas on enhancing their smart homes?

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The big thing missing from any of these, which was my main goal as I’ve been thinking about creating something like this, is simple installation of the SmartApps. Lots of people don’t feel comfortable enough to even go into the IDE and copy/paste. These people miss out on a TON of functionality when they are limited to only installing SmartApps from the ST app. I think that the simple install would need to be a key feature of the site.


Well… If you are not desiring payment for the SmartApp or SmartDevice Type, then SmartThings indeed has an existing and active process (i.e., the “Submit for Publication” process) for official submission into the Platform (where the SmartApps and devices appear right in the mobile apps and are easy to install). These SmartApps are “blessed” for mass distribution, and are automatically covered by the SmartThings Platform Developer Agreement.

Bypassing this process is a little like … pulling an Uber :wink:.