Monetizing Edge Drivers

What options exist for monetizing drivers? I am looking at building out a licensing mechanism for some drivers, but would like to know if there are any ST guidelines, policies or plans to support developers monetizing their work.

@nayelyz / @robert.masen Are you aware of any plans for a ST store or something similar? Thinking of something with a lower threshold than ST certification for proprietary devices.

For any other developers, would you be interested in using a licensing SDK and payment processor if one was developed?

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Hi, @blueyetisoftware
I asked the team about this and they mentioned there are no plans to support that kind of model at this time.

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Are there any ST policies to review in regard to what is allowed? Anything preventing the creation of a driver store or something comparable?

Hmm that’s interesting because that was the carrot they used to get some of us devs onboard when they started edge development. There was talk of subscriptions API’s for billing as part of the “business requirements”


Indeed, SmartThings has been promising developers “some kind of App Store“ since 2015, and I, too, have heard comments that the new architecture, including edge, would finally make this possible.

So somebody’s been talking about it publicly, I just don’t remember exactly who.

BTW, Here’s one of the original discussions from 2016: