The current state of SmartApp submissions

Dear SmartThings Community,

1.) You guys rule. I am inspired to see how helpful, insightful, and creative you guys are on this forum. Keep it up.

2.) We haven’t been doing the best job of reviewing SmartApp and Device Type submissions. We’ve got a backlog from a couple months back and I wanted to let you know that we’re making progress on organizing them, testing them with real devices, reviewing code, and getting them in a queue either for publishing or resubmission.

3.) If you have a SmartApp submission that hasn’t been attended to, or you have received an email from us asking to make changes, please reply here so I can take a look.

We value your commitment to helping build this platform and community. Thanks for understanding and we’re excited to see what you build in the future!


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Thanks for posting this @mager Gives people like myself (that don’t know how to write any of these) hope that new apps and device types will be coming, especialy things we have been waiting and excited for!

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I submitted a publication request for a supporting SmartApp for my Android app, SharpTools, which allows users to create Widgets and adds Tasker integration for SmartThings. The publication request was submitted on October 17th.

I had hoped that V1 would have been published a while back as I am currently working on a V2 release of the SmartApp which adds push event capabilities.

PS. The Arguments property of the Command class is still coming back null per our previous PMs - this was working fine before the big SmartThings platform update.

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I submitted a publication request for SmartApp ActiON Dashboard which creates a web dashboard to view and interact with with your things. The publication request was submitted on October 28.


I am working on getting these through the process :slight_smile: