Sylvania 2 Button Zigbee Dimmers No Longer Working

Sometime during the update fiasco, all of my Sylvania Zigbee Two Button Dimmers (73743) stopped working (both physically, and in the Smart Lighting app). I notice in the app they are now considered a Zigbee button with one button to press, when before the device handler supported both buttons. Removing and re-adding the device didn’t fix it. Anyone else seeing this issue? Did ST screw up the device handler? It’s pretty annoying not having a physical switch to turn my lights on/off all of a sudden. I can still do it with the app or through Google Assistant.

The way multi button devices are handled has changed, and a lot of DTHs, even some of the stock DTHs, Had this exact issue where only one button was recognized.

It’s usually fixable but will require changes to the DTH.

So the first question is what DTH are you using for this device? If it’s the stock smartthings DTH, you should report it to support, because they will have to update it.

If it’s a custom DTH, check the author thread for that DTH and see if there’s already a fix posted.

Thanks, I was using the stock. A few minutes ago I tried changing to a custom DTH someone made back in 2016, but unsurprisingly, that didn’t work either. If you know of a DTH that works, that would be great, otherwise I’ll probably be waiting for ST to fix the stock one. I submitted my gripe to their support e-mail.

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