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Hi Guys, Today Jun02 my panel was deleted to factory and bring me a Panel Activation Code but I can’t add on SmartThings, somebody Can help me please.

hate to tell you this, but the ADT SmarThings Panel and relationship are no more. it ended today.

Yeah Robert - I’m afraid Awestun is correct, and it’s been known for quite some time now…

Review this thread and others:

Hub retirements (2021) V1, Nvidia Link, ADT - Devices & Integrations / Connected Things - SmartThings Community

You can attempt to get a refund. I think one customer actually made it through all of the hoops and got one…

@Robert786, Welcome to the Community! I understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience as the End of life date was: June 1st 2021

You can follow these steps to start the process of checking qualification for a prorated refund located here at:

I hope this message finds you well!


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Hello, I’m having an issue because my door lock (Schlage Z-Wave Connect) was still paired to the ADT hub and now I cannot pair it to my new hub. What is the process for deleting a z-wave device when the hub is no longer available.

UPDATE: I was able to do this by exclusion of the lock. Even though it was using a different/new hub it still allowed exclusion. I hope this helps someone else!

Just saw this this morning out of the blue. I don’t follow these threads or spend my time in here and didn’t get any notification. This is the last straw for me regarding Smartthings. What a fing slap in the face to wake up to a bricked panel. Now I have to spend hours screwing around with this. Never again ANYTHING Samsung or ADT

This is true for all Zwave devices. The Z wave alliance understood that there might be times when the original hub was not available. Perhaps the hub itself had failed, or, as in this case, it was discontinued. Perhaps you bought a used device. Or sometimes even a device will arrive new but will have been paired to a test network at the factory and was not reset.

So for this reason, any zwave hub can issue a “general exclusion“ which can be received by any zwave end device, even one that was never previously joined to that hub.

That’s why the first troubleshooting step any time a device won’t pair to a zwave network is to do a general exclusion to make sure that any old network information has been cleared.

You will have to find the user manual for the specific device that you are trying to exclude to get the specific steps that that device requires to act on the general exclusion command.

Here are the instructions for issuing the general exclusion from any smartthings hub on your network.

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This is excellent advice. I paired the rest of my devices this morning and just did an exclusion to be sure before I paired them and it was very very easy and quick. Good thinking on the Z wave alliance to get ahead of it!

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Is anyone aware of a control panel (actual buttons or simple screen) that can be paired with smartthings to replace the ADT hub? The main reason I converted to the ADT hub was for ease of family and visitors being able to use the system when they know the disarm code. I have seen multiple posts on using ipads and running smartthings or smarttiles but I was hoping for something a little easier. Please help

If you’re willing to pay the license fee for the code library at RBoy apps (A one time $40 fee per hub gets you access to all the code there), then he has code for both the Z wave ring alarm system keypad, which is a nice device, or the older Zigbee centralite keypad. Both are popular in the community and work well with smartthings with his code.

Ring 2nd generation keypad

Widely available at Home Depot, Best Buy, Amazon, ring’s own site, etc. If you can wait a couple of weeks it might even go on sale for prime day since Amazon owns ring.

The product description may say it needs its own base station, but it doesn’t if you just want to use it as a keypad, you can use the SmartThings hub instead.

Rboy library

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