What do I need to do to get my devices off of smartthings?

As everyone knows by now, Samsung and ADT have abandoned ADT Smartthings and my hub will no longer work after June 1. So I need to move my stuff off of this hub.

Obviously I could care less about the dual branded sensors as they are effectively light duty paperweights now. But all of my Iris sensors, Zooz switches, Tradfri smart plugs, utilitech sirens etc…

I need to get all this stuff off of Smartthings and factory reset so that I can join it to a new system.

for z-wave devices, you can run a z-wave exclusion for them from your current hub (ST-ADT) or from the new hub. for zigbee devices, reset them.


Do I need to do that from the IDE, or is there a way to do that from the new ST app?

not familiar with the AT-ADT hub so you can try it from the app. go to menu > devices > your ST-ADT hub > 3 dots in the upper right of the screen > z-wave utilities. but yes, you can also do it from IDE.

You can exclude the zwave devices using the new hub too using the general exclusion option. It’s in Settings → Zwave details → zwave exclude.

Also, if you have any dual branded water sensors, those should work on the new hub.

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No water sensors, yet… That was still to go but obviously not going to go on ST…

My only dual branded gear is door and window sensors, and 2 motion sensors, only one of which actually does anything useful. (Controls the lights in the master BR commode / shower area. And of course the hub.

I guess it is different for ADT / Smartthings beccause, well… no Zwave utilities in the app… I guess I need to get into the IDE. The old app had it. Oh well.

i was afraid of that. the v1 did not have access in the new app as well

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Yay. Such an improvement. Bleh…

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Well a little note. I got the last of the Zwave stuff excluded. The hardest to get to exclude / factory reset was the NuTone zwave 15 amp switches for the garage as documentation on them is tough to come by. Followed by the GE ceiling fan controller. Actually the only easy stuff was the Zooz switches, and the Utilitech sirens, at least Zwave wise that is…

Well that’s it. Smartthings is offline, powered off, battery pulled from the hub. I am chasing after the remnants of the sensors I might have forgotten to physically remove but I think there are 2 contact sensors and one motion sensor still physically attached.

Not sure what to do with the dual branded stuff. I SERIOUSLY doubt they will ever release source code to allow anyone else to bring it back to life so I guess it is now garbage…

Thanks everyone for all the help and fun you were while I was on the platform.

In this case, unlike, say, your first generation Iris Sensors, the problem is that it’s a different radio frequency. So a new hub would need to add a whole new radio along with any software updates.