SAMSUNG is going to brick my ADT/smartthings hub .... what to do?

Sorry this is so long…

I am have been having ongoing issues with my ADT hub, since 3 days after I installed it at my parents house, over a year ago. Main issues center around motion sensors falling off line and turning into muliple ghost devices that have been removed dozen of times and come back. And zwave radio issues. Many many calls and emails to support. Things finally came to a head, last week, when the panel started sending out alerts every minute about one of these ghost devices and tamper alert for a device that does not exist. I contacted support and they said they would refer it up to level two that I had to leave the hub plugged in and connected so level two could look into that.

I expressed that I did not think that was the best option… the panel was very hot. I was told I had no choice, if I wanted it fixed.

Guess what I was right the panel got too hot the battery swelled and popped the back off throwing more tamper alerts. And creating a fire hazzard.

Now samsung is sending me a special box to send the panel back to samsung liability department so they can investigate the issue. I keep getting told mixed messages via phone and email, that they will factory reset it.

My understanding is that is the ADT hub is factory reset without all devices removed 1st and removed from a smarthings account that itwill brick it something about a “welcome code”. I am told not to make any changes to the panel.

I am pretty sure Samsung is about to brink my ADT hub and make all those special ADT/smartthings devices useless. I now have to deal with “samsung” people not smarthings people they keep referring to it a my mobile device and they have no idea about smartthings or tech support or how the hub functions.

Any advice? And I am also annoyed, that best case, My parents are without a security hub/automation device for a month with all this mailing the hub/panel back and forth. And even if I could I cannot buy another hub and move this over to it (per samsung, I am not allowed to make any changes to my system at all.). WORSE CASE samsung Bricks my hub and I now have a house full of useless sensors. And this all may be moot if SmartThings is going to remove the functionality of the ADT/ Smarthing Hub in there future plans that they have not announced details for. scream… I really am trying to be patience… but this hub should have been replaced. Long time ago…

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Oh my goodness! Sympathies to you. How frustrating :frowning:

This just get better and better … I received the special Hazardous box samsung product liability asked me to use to mail the ADT/smartthings hub back to them for review.

Just one big problem the box is way to small. The box they sent me is so small my cell phone barely fits not the 9 inch hub … opps. I have sent emails and called for two hours yesterday and two hours today being transferred to 9 different people with smartthings and Samsung. This is crazy …

No I am left just hoping someone responds to the numerous emails I sent.

I will try calling again on Monday … so much wasted time. Oh well.

Please excuse me for my ignorance, but I can’t really remember how the ADT hub was sold regarding devices. Were there any which was working only with the ADT side or were they all zwave what you could use with other hubs. Anyhow…

FYI, the ADT hub is EOL. If you can use the devices with other Hubs then get another one, a v3 maybe, or just jump to Hubitat. The ADT partnership is dead for a while.

But if you are really using it as a security system, then look at other security system alternatives, like Adobe.

The dual logo ADT/smartthings system had two different types of devices.

The dual logo sensors, which could trigger the security alerts, or on a proprietary frequency that does not work with any other smartthings hub or any other ADT panel. They only work with that specific hub. They were neither Z wave nor zigbee.

You could also take regular Z wave and Zigbee devices and use them with the dual logo panel for home automation rules. Those can be used with any other smartthings hub or other certified Z wave/zigbee ZHA hubs.

See the community FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link)

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I think you meant Abode. :wink:

Other popular security system candidates include ring, simplisafe, and ADT Blue.

Each has its own pluses and minuses. :sunglasses:

None have direct integration with smart things, although you may be able to use Ifttt or Alexa routines for a partial integration.

There are also some community projects with various level of integration discussed in the forum.

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I must have dyslexia…

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Probably just autocorrect: it does that to me all the time. :wink: