ADT Smartthings Hub: time on the panel is wrong

The time is incorrect, apparently due to time zone differences. I can’t get into the Installer Toolbox to see what’s going on.

Any help is appreciated!

you need to check the location of the hub. It may not have the timezone set proprerly.

Thanks, I think I have a limited or broken adt hub. I’m missing things discussed here and over the phone with support, which is closed today. I do not have an option for timezone anywhere when setting my geolocation, unless there is some weird trick that I’m not seeing.

Login to IDE at and go to My Hubs and check there to see if your time zone and sunrise/sunset display the correct info.

It says America/New York, which is the time zone that I’m in.

And sunrise/sunset times look correct?


Sunrise 7:07 AM
Sunset 5:35 PM

The Events have the correct Ping times.

Would a reboot be a bad idea?

You may want to change your geolocation in the ST app to somewhere in another time zone, click save, wait one minute and change it to your correct location and click save.

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A reboot is never a bad idea.

I moved it only a few blocks away but a different timezone altogether

Yes, totally different time zone… hundreds of miles away.

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OK, just moved it to Kansas

Success, thanks a bunch! Weird that you have to do that to get it to work.