SmartThings schedule follow Mobile TimeZone

So we recently crossed the pond for a week and lo and behold had to add a schedule to our ST routines. It turned out the ST hub then assumed the TimeZone of the mobile now in Europe, and broke all our schedules.

I simply fail to understand this behavior and must be tagged as a major flaw and be looked at immediately.

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I noticed this as well while I was on several business trips recently. The app should be using the hub’s timezone settings for everything, I don’t see why it would ever want to show the phone’s time.

more importantly it affects the other scheduled jobs to now start using the new timezone info messing up all our plant watering and fish feeding routines.

Is this on android?

If so, we just display the built in time selector in the android OS.

For me it is in Android. The issue is that when you change time zones the hub’s time no longer is aligned with your local time. Any smartapp schedule you even open up and save will be changed to the new time zone and mess everything up. Basically makes it so setting up any schedule remotely when in a different time zone becomes a lesson in frustration.

nope this was on an iPhone. and its still not fixed.

I was just wondering if there’s been any sort of resolution to this? The last trip I went on had all of my automations totally out of whack. I’m getting ready for another trip where my local time zone will be 14 hours offset from my home timezone and am just wondering if my house lighting will be screwed up by 14 hours again.

If you don’t modify anything on with your phone then it should all still work based on local time. It only messes things up for me when I create/change automations while on a trip.

seems to be fixed in the new versions.

This is intended-ish behavior. This is not a problem for 120 sigmas of users (<- hyperbole, not an actual stat), because most automations are created or modified from home. Most users are not creating new schedules from abroad/away, so we are using the native time capabilities from the phone when setting up an automation (the backend converts all automations to fire on some basis of UTC).

If your phone is reporting in EST, your automations will be set up in EST (converted to a UTC). However, if you travel to PST and create or modify an automation, it will be created/updated to fire in PST (converted to a UTC). This is independent of where the Hub/geo-fence is placed.

This is good to know, and I do agree that I typically do not edit automations when I’m on the road, but typically only upon complaint by the wife that something isn’t working right… Which will create a bit of an infinite loop there…

The bottom line is not to mess with ANY schedules while on a trip away from any of your locations where you have hubs.

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