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Sunrise/Sunset times inaccurate


My ST automation set for sunset stopped working. In troubleshooting the issue, in IDE, under My Location I found what Smartthings believes the Sunrise/Sunset times to be and they are wrong. Time is set correctly. Geo coordinates are correct for my house (site of the hub) according to Google Earth. However Google tells me that Sunrise/Sunset is 7:23 AM / 5:24 PM. The IDE site (my location) tells me that they are 7:49 AM / 4:53 PM. You might notice that it is not a linear offset. IDE is 26 minutes late in the morning and 32 minutes early in the evening. Anyone with a clue about this? Even better a resolution?

(jkp) #2

change your geolocation to a location in another time zone, click save, wait one minute, change it back to your correct location, click save. then check to see if the right info is displayed in IDE

(Eric Anderson) #3

SmartThings hub does not calculate the sunrise/sunset, it downloads it from a weather site. Really wish smartthings would calculate sunrise/sunset as it would allow lighting based on this to run local without internet for the most part.


Thanks for the tip. It did the trick and IDE shows the correct Sunrise/Sunset times. I’ll recreate my automation and see if that works now.

(Michael) #5

I know you already solved it, but here is another way to fix it:


Good Information ! I appreciate the response.