Daylight Savings Time Issues

I live in Arizona and we do not switch our clocks for DST, thank goodness.

However, all my automations are now triggering an hour early, since Smartthings assume we moved from MST to CDT. I contacted support and their suggestion was to change the geo location in the Smartthings app to some other time zone, then change it back. Unfortunately, this did not solve the problem. I know this problem has occurred in the past, but had hoped Samsung would this solved by now. Time zones are such a basic programming principle.

Anyone figured out a work around for this?

I just recently had the same issue also in Az. These steps fixed them for me.

  • change geolocaton to another time zone (somewhere several states away) and save.
  • change geolocation back to correct location and save
  • go into each time based automation, add a space at the end of the automation name and save (this fixed most but not all)
  • go into ones that weren’t fixed, delete and readd time and save
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@teba , you’re a life saver. That seems to have fixed it for me. Can’t believe that’s the work around for this issue. The geolocation change recommended by Support didn’t fix it but updating the automations was the key to success. How did you come about this solution?

Trial and error. I posted a similar question and someone responded with the suggestion to edit my routines. That didnt work so I then adjusted my geolocation and then re-edited my routines and it worked!

Glad I could help!

I would recommend reporting it to so they can look into it and provide a long term fix. This issue has plagued SmartThings in one form or another since the dawn of it’s kickstarter days. The mobile app does a much better job of handling it now but the platform timers still need a proper fix.