ADT Hub Firmware 000.020.00201 (20.201) Release Notes?

According to the support website, the latest firmware of the ADT hub is 000.020.00201 (20.201).

This is newer than what the panel originally shipped with (000.018.00236 (18.236)) but there are no release notes (or even a release date) anywhere to be found.

Maybe @Zach_Varberg can shed some light onto the changes is this news release?

I don’t personally work on the ADT panel specifically, but in general you can see the changes that came with version 0.19.X here and version 0.20.X here. There may have also been some more ADT only changes, but I’ll see if I can track down someone who is closer to the project that might have a link to more specific release notes.

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Have we heard any more news about when the ADT Panel will be updated again. It looks like the other hubs are at ver 24 almost 25 is in beta and the ADT Smartthings panel hasn’t seen a upgrade since last may