SmartThings ADT Hub Firmware Updates VS regular V2 Hub

So… I notice in the announcements section that the regular V2 hubs get a solid stream of firmware updates but have yet to see anything mentioned for the ST ADT V2 Hub. When I check the firmware version i’m on its showing “000.018.00236” and im seeing the regular V2 Hub is at version 20.xx now. Id like to get a response from a Samsung rep as to whats going on here? Is there an entirely different code base for the ADT Hubs and if so, why no attention or even mention of it in these forums? This is looking like you just threw a device out there as a cash grab with no intention of supporting it and are just letting it fade away…

I’m just another community member, but yes, there are now four different production versions of the SmartThings hub and they are mostly on different development schedules and with different firmware. And different development teams.

This is discussed in the official support documents.

We should also note the different development teams may have different development philosophies. SmartThings has generally used a “run fast and break things” model which isn’t necessarily a good match to a security system. ADT may prefer larger less frequent updates with fewer glitches that have to be rolled back (then requiring an additional update to fix the glitch :scream:).

Just the fact that every firmware update takes the hub off-line for a certain period of time and there’s no way to refuse or delay updates might make ADT prefer to have them happen less frequently.

I don’t know for sure that that’s happening, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.


I agree. Be careful what you wish for. It’s remarkable how often the ST team seems to break their own system when they update mobile apps, hub firmware, other parts of their cloud architecture, etc.

Edit: you may also want to ask your question through an official support channel. Not to say you’ll actually get an answer that satisfies you that way, but ST staff reply to posts in this community forum only if/when they want to.


And fwiw, I have a v1 hub, so it hasn’t received a firmware update in a year? Two years?

For the most part things work the way I need them to. Even without local processing, only available on the v2 hub.

I doubt there will ever be another V1 firmware update; unless there is a critical security bug.

In fact, don’t be surprised if V1 is deprecated with little warning. SmartThings is bound to come up with some new critical API stuff or device add code that is too much trouble to make downwards compatible.

I’m impressed they made V1 last this long, actually.