How do I add another Android mobile phone (presence)

I’ve successfully invited my wife’s email and account to mine, and installed the app on her phone. My phone is in ST just fine, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to add her phone as well. The closest I can find is in Home & Family, I can click on her name, Edit Name and Device, and then I have the option of changing the Presence Sensor, and then clicking “Connect New…”.

But that just makes ST look for the SmartSense Presence device, I don’t see an option for adding her phone, any ideas?

On her phone (and logged in to her account) open the left menu and click the gear at the top. Scroll down below the map and you’ll see the option to enable mobile presence on her phone.

I think we’re changing this in the future so that it can be added along with the other devices, but basically mobile presence is tied to a location and not a hub so the setting is in the location settings menu.

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Sorry to hijack the thread… I just did this, and now the entire “Home & Family” item has gone missing from both of our dashboards. So, I’m not able to use any of those features anymore.

Confused! Is there a reason why it might have gone missing? Any suggestion on what I might be able to do to get it back?

— Edit instead of replying to myself —

I managed to get it to reappear by going in and deleting one of the phones as a thing, then re-adding it. some weirdness then happened with one of the two phones getting stuck thinking it was present, but some amount of deleting and re-adding things eventually seemed to have cleared it up.

Looks like you got it taken care of but I believe this is a known issue. We have a fix queued up that should be out shortly. Very sorry for the trouble!

The interface is still young; many of us are feeling the growing pains right now. This is a great platform; I am anxious to see it all grown up! :smile:

Of course, we can all help on that journey. I am new, but trying to get a working knowledge that will enable me to add to it, as well.

Just curious, why might you want your wife to have a different account? I would understand children if you wanted limited access but surely you give your wife the ability to see everything you see?

If you use the same account but different phones like I am doing (I think), everything stays synced up nicely.

Disclaimer: I am working from memory and am at work so don’t have my wife’s phone in front of me at the moment. I know I created an account for her when setting things up but then I thought I rolled back to having the both of us logged into my account.

When adding a new person it sends them an invite and just asks them to make a new account. As far as I can tell everything is syncing nicely. Maybe it’s just doing that all transparently so we don’t have to care about it?

Yeah, maybe it did all that on its own I guess. I’ll check my wife’s phone tonight if I remember.

That’s correct - when you invite someone in-app it emails them and prompts them to create a unique account.

This is important as logging into the same account across multiple devices (specifically iOS) can cause problems with mobile presence.

Not trying to hijack the thread, but is there any way to track multiple locations with 1 Android app presence? Use case being, notifying when I’m at home, work, the store, or anywhere I set up?

I know IFTTT can do something like this based on GPS but settings/options are limited as far as time frames on when to send notifications and the like.

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Yeah you can create multiple “hubless” locations. Open the left hand menu, click on the dropdown arrow at the top and create a new location. Skip the prompt to add a hub then you can configure the notifications as you’d like.

Add a location for the store or work or the airport and everyone you’ve shared your SmartThings account with will get those notifications.

You can also use SMS to notify people you didn’t share your account with.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Didn’t even realize that arrow was an option to open. Thanks.

So, either I’m an idiot, or I don’t think multiple accounts really works with the Android app. I can’t seem to find any way to “invite” users and the following post, while old, indicates this as well:

I’m assuming this is an iOS only feature for some reason?

You can invite users on Android from Home and Family. The “Manage Users” menu is coming up in the next release.

To do so, open Home and Family, click the gear at the top then add a person. You’ll see the option to invite them via their email address there.

A bit of a workaround, but both apps will be the same in this respect shortly.

I see it now. What if I already created an account for the user not seeing any of these before?

Hop on live chat at or email us if you don’t have 2 or 3 minutes right now.

My Android App still says “Coming Soon” … I note the topic is over 422 days old … so it seems “soon” is relative … !!

So a couple of questions:
(1) When is “soon” … a month/year would help narrow things down a bit
(2) When you share a profile, is there any way of filtering the notifications? For example : I want a notification on my phone when my son arrives home (so I’ve set that up via an app), but he doesn’t need to be notified on his (he should know)!

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Hi Phil,

This feature was enabled for most of those 422 days, but as of last week was temporarily disabled as we work out a back end issue. It should be reenabled this week.


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Tyler … thanks. Having purchased my ST starter pack today I jumped in feet first, and got to this thread via a Google search. Having posted my comment I’ve subsequently worked my way systematically through the various topics and realise this is a re-occurrence of a previous issue brought about by a recent software upgrade. I look forward to the fix.

After a few hours of playing with the various sensors/apps/configurations/etc I now have quite a list of questions/suggestions. But before I jump in too quickly again, I’ll read some more …