Trouble adding second user

Having trouble gettng my wife’s iPhone registered with the Smarthings Hub so it can be used as a presence device (I need to use “everyone” has left for the Away Mode for instance). I followed the steps in this post: Setting up multiple iPhones (Setting up multiple iPhones (separate linked accounts) as presence sensors for dummies) and have sucessfully created a Samsung Account with her email address, had it verified. I downloaded the Smarthing App (Classic) onto her phone. Launched the app and logged into the ST App. I Go to Add a Thing, and I get a message NO HUB IN YOUR LOCATION. I try Connect a Hub Now, and it asks for the Welcome Code, which when i enter the one printed in the battery compartment, I get “Your Code is Invalid” What am I doing Wrong?

On your phone, the one that’s already connected to the hub, open the SmartThings Classic app. Go to the menu > Manage Users, and click “+ add user”. Enter your wife’s email address, and it will send her an invitation to be a user on your hub. If that doesn’t immediately add the hub to her SmartThings app, then she’ll need to follow the link in the invitation email she receives.

Once the hub is visible on her phone, add her phone as a presece sensor by going to the Things screen in the app, click on “add a thing” > “add device manually” > Sensors > Presence Sensors> Mobile Phone.

Thanks for the reply, but I did follow those steps. My device now shows in Manage Users under shared location with: her email and status is Invited.
The problem is cant seem to get her phone to recognize the Hub.

Did you click on the link in the email that she received? Double check to make sure that the email address that you used for the invitation is exactly the same as the one you used to create her SmartThings account.

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Check and see if there are two locations listed in the more menu and she is in the wrong one.

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Double checked email, and the one in my app which shows Invited is exactly as the one for the Samsung Account. Further, I am able to use that email address along with the password to log into the IDE @ and when i look at Hubs, it says: “You don’t have any hubs yet. Use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub.”

I also double checked in my account that there is only one location.

So am I correct that I should NOT be getting the “enter Welcome Code” from her phone when I am attempting to associate the existing Hub?

So, I’m at a loss. How would i go about setting up the sharing from scratch? maybe i did something out of sequence?

Okay, when you say you “double checked the email” did you actually click on the link in the email from your wifes phone? Are you logged into the ST app on here phone as well with your un and password? The only way to have it work is that she has to have her own samsung account to log into the app with. That’s how you’ll get a second presence sensor. But until she accepts the invitation in the email, it won’t show up for her in the IDE.

If she already has a samsung account, she might now have two locations, the old one and the new one just shared with her. You would have to delete the old one if you only want the shared one to show up for her.

When in the ide with her login, did you go to the locations tab and see how many there were?

while logged into her Samsung acct, there is only 1 location, and Im guessing its a ‘new Home’ location, not the one i shared. I will rename mine to be sure. I’m thinking I will delete the invite, tehn uninstall the ST app on her phone and try again. This time though she will already have the Samsung account.

Did you ever accept the invitation?

Yes, we clicked the email invitation, and that led to the creation of a Samsung Account. Accepted that via another email, downloaded the ST App, logged in as a ST USer using the Samsung Account credentials.

Hi @itcsburnett,

Don’t waist your time. Use Life360 integration to add yourself and your wife’s phones to SmartThings as presence sensors. It works better than native ST presence integration. I use it and have no problems.

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Did you click on that location?

I am having the same issue. Anyone ever figure this out?

I am having the same issue as well. Did anyone resolve this issue?