Other users not showing up in app?

Tried searching for this but couldn’t find anything. I’ve just started with SmartThings and I’ve got a few devices added - so far so good. Yesterday I added my wife’s phone (she registered with a separate account) and it’s showing presence through the web portal. However on the app when I click on “Home & Family” only my account shows up. My wife isn’t even listed there.

I can’t seem to find anything to help diagnose the problem - anyone run into this before and have an easy fix?

You have to add her to that group on the dashboard. Heres how:

home and family>gear icon top right>auto import existing presence devices>import your wife’s presence device

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That’s perfect, thanks! I tried looking everywhere but I guess I missed that gear icon.

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They seem to have changed the app. When I first installed it, the app automatically installed itself as a presence sensor. People added in the last few months have had to manually add their phone as a presence sensor through the “things” section of the app.

I don’t see this option on my icon…am i missing something?