[UK] Add account user?

I can see an option to add account users in my settings but it gives me error saying feature coming soon. Any estimate when can we expect this?


This is crazy. I bought this SmartThings stuff due to reviews and the Samsung name… very disappointing support for the UK…

How do I add my wife’s phone to control the devices in the house? The whole purpose was to control switches, and I can only do that on my phone now! £199+£45 down … and the support link show it too busy to help me.

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Lot of people are waiting for this to be resolved. Temp solution i have in place is to use my login details on my wife’s phone. She can do everything except for using her own phone as a presence thing. I’m not planning to buy any more things until app bugs are fixed & works as i would like it.


I really wish I had done some searching for issues before I bought into this. No additional Users or IFTTT for UK users has really soured me to this. Sure they will fix it but can Samsung not at least tell us when?

First post in forum, not a great start.


Col, I couldnt agree more. I too had same feeling. I have made some work arounds and the IDE at least allows you to tweak things and add non supported devices like wemo. It’s been the only saving grace so far.

Just wish they would admit it’s still in beta and publish a timeline.

Thanks for joining the community! I know it’s a headache, and I haven’t been offering hard timelines, but this is a frequent discussion with the product and engineering teams and it is coming soon. We take the engagement and feedback from the community and users at large seriously and know these features are super important to become a successful platform here!!

Its highly unacceptable that its been broken for so many days and all we hear it devs are working on it. Maybe smartThings need to hire more developer in that case.

Is there any update to this? I think it is really poor that you cannot add another user.

A genuinely friendly word of advice, AAron, … take it or leave it. :wink:

Folk’s personal definition and perception of “soon” varies greatly. As it does for “a few days”, “a few weeks”, “before the end of the year”, “important”, “high priority”, etc…

Terms also start to become unintentionally defined with specific meaning. For example, if both “Multi-Login Support” and “UK Oauth” are said to be “super important priority and coming ‘soon’”, then folks could, understandably, expect them at nearly the same time. If it turns out that one is a much more complex problem than the other, and we wonderfully get “Multi-Login Support” in one week … but “UK OAuth” in 3 months … well … you’ve now destroyed the credibility of the words “important”, “priority”, and “soon”.

I’m sure you agree that SmartThings has an unfortunate, but realistic, reputation of taking a long time to fix things or release casually discussed or even officially discussed features.

In my personal opinion, Customers will be less agitated if SmartThings’s communications never include any implied timelines or priorities.

Just my thoughts … I know it’s tough out there! Cool? Thanks! :sunglasses:

With last nights app update (android) its finally working and could add my wife to the account. Thanks for sorting this out.


I have just managed to create and add another account via IOS as well! I am not risking doing it on my wifes phone yet until I have tested on my work phone. Seems to be working so far. One disappointment is that any routines like “Goodbye” or “I’m back” doesn’t automatically add in the additional presence sensor (ie phone). But still great to be able to finally do this.

Did I miss an announcement on it? I wouldn’t have known had @Harpreet_Singh not mentioned, so thanks.

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@gcoombs I also just came to know randomly when it showed up in app updates in my phone. Nothing in official announcement like the pervious update (Android 2.0.4 - Release Notes - 10/30/2015). IFTTT is still broken which is getting fixed as mentioned by @slagle in this thread IFTTT and SmartThings (UK accounts)

I’m watching that thread with interest! Support had told me the 2 elements (Multi User and OAuth) were connected, so hopefully IFTTT won’t be long behind.

Managed to add my wife’s iphone this morning, and it is showing up in my app now too. Very happy.

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