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ActiON, aka Web Dashboard 3.0

(Bruce) #195

Just group the two lights together with a simple app: Turning one on/off turns both on/off. Then just show the one tile.


Hmm, I don’t see how to do that… I have lights grouped in the ST app, but in the dashboard I only see the individual switches.

(Ron S) #197

I think the big switch app does that. Create an on/off tile device type (virtual switch) and use the Big Switch app then. I guess it is under convenience?

(Bruce) #198

I’m not talking about a Group, as you can do in the smartphone GUI. I’m talking about a small app that links two switches together, so if one is turned on/off, both turn on/off. Once you have that app, you only need to show one switch tile, since both switches will turn on/off together.

There are several ways to “group” switches together in an app. One method is to create a “switch gang”, where turning any of the switches on/off turns all on/off. Another is to have a master switch, where turning it on/off turns others on/off as well. I prefer the latter, because it leaves you the ability to turn on/off one without the other if that’s what you want.

(Sunil K) #199

@625alex - I’m just blown away by the simplicity and the usefulness of this dashboard ! Spent the full afternoon configuring my dashboards… FANTASTIC JOB ALEX !!! (Paypal - 20$ on its way :slight_smile: .

Features that I would like to have:

  1. Since I’m using it on my tablet (can it actually behave like a Sonos’ device i.e. announce when door is opened, closed, etc.)
  2. Foscam video feed integration
  3. Re-arranging my Tiles
  4. Would like to have devices from another Hub Location be available in the same dashboard. How can that be done ?
  5. Have a running section (ticker like) for the SmartThings Alerts that come.

Lastly - anyway in which this dashboard can be launched and always be in FULL SCREEN model ? I’m using chrome, so every refresh it shows the address bar.

(Matt) #200

@skhandu I’ll answer a few of your questions and leave the rest for Alex and other community members.

1- There is a SmartApp called VLC Thing, it mimics Sonos abilities (mostly) if you combine it with some other apps you can do this, at first I was turned off by the extra steps but I’m really loving it. I use VLC Thing, VLC on MAC, Air Foil on Mac, Air Foil on Android Tablets and Phones. Here is the thread about VLC Thing

2 - I think this feature is in the works
3- I think this feature is in the works
4 - Not sure this is at all possible but you can easily link to your other dashboard from this dashboard
5 - This is a great idea, I was just thinking about something like this on HADashboard
6 (lastly) - If you create a homescreen shortcut this should work, there are apps out there that you can use too that are meant for Kiosks. There is also an app I use called Immersive Mode which gets rid of everything except the webpage itself.


What platform are you using Chrome on?

(Sunil K) #202

Using chrome on android.


I’m having the same problem, what did you change in the Capabilities?

(Ray) #204

I am using Firefox with a full screen plugin and it works well for me on a nexus 4.

(Dave N) #205

I put this is on the weekend to \have a look at it eh! Sure will be nice when Google allows you to hide the address bar. Rearranging tiles and grouping them into a larger or distinctive “Group” tile would be nice to relieve some of the clutter. I can’t imagine having 100 lights and playing “find the tile” :smile:
The one thing I am probably misusing is the URL tile. No matter what I put in for a path it asks me for a username and password. I tried my IDE thinking this was somehow tied in to getting to the outside world but no go.
Keep up the good work and I’ll Paypal you a case of stubbies.

(Greg) #206

You can already natively make the dashboard (or any web page) show up on Android devices without the tabs, etc. Simply open the web page you want (the dashboard for example), then in the options on the top right (the three dots), choose “add to homescreen”. Close Chrome and launch the new icon on the homescreen that you just created. It will be full screen. Easy and no special apps required.

(John O) #207

@gwithers105 thank you so much for that tip my old nexus 7 is diffently going up on the wall this weekend.

@625alex thank you for all your work, 2 days ago I sent virtual garage door opener to a friend of mine so he could come over and borrow a saw while I was at work. Not to mention each of my kids now can only control the lights in there own rooms and no longer mess with each other by turning off the others light. This app is an absolute Must have for Smartthings.

I’ll be sending donation this week as well :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to keep family members from controling devices?
(Alex) #208

I don’t know what’s causing this. I heard from other people that SmartThings temperature/humidity sensor doesn’t work with my dashboard. I don’t own one myself, so I couldn’t debug it. When I tested, the app handled any input I could throw at it. I’m pretty sure there is a new unreported bug in the API since I noticed another place where temperature reading were causing errors. If I don’t get to the bottom of this, in a future version I will remove the code that rounds off temperature and humidity.

You can change the colors, labels and order of tiles by modifying the CSS and HTML within the app if you want to get your hands dirty with the code. A future version will have the feature to rearrange the tiles.

(Alex) #209

Is this an image of the stock sensor? If so, maybe support will help?

(Alex) #210

You should look into creating a virtual switch and then use an app like Big Switch. This is the only way of doing this at the moment.

(Alex) #211


  1. No. This is really out of scope for this project. This web app has universal compatibility with browsers. What you are asking for, would be very much OS dependent. I have another project in mind for Android, but it will be some time before I get to it
  2. I will create support for Dropcam soon (2-3 weeks). Sine Foscam is not officially supported by ST, it would tough to develop for non standard device type. I will consider adding a guide on how to integrate your own. Some people have done this already, look for hints in this thread.
  3. Will be available eventually.
  4. This cannot be done. You could link several different boards via the shortcut tile.
  5. I have thought about it, but I don’t have a concrete idea how to do that.
  6. I have an idea for Android, I will give it a try. On iOS devices, you can launch the dashboard as a native app. Look in the Readme section of the project’s home page.
(Minollo) #212

About #4: the simple, poor man solution I’m using is a small html local file which contains two iframes; each of them loads content from one of the two ST locations I use.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #213

Oh please make it a pref. My wireless sensor tags (my go to temp and humidity sensors) report a floating point number to 12-bit precision.

(Ron S) #214

I will report it to support. Just pointing out that this may be causing this sensor not to appear in the dashboard.