Web Dashboard 3.0

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Wow, just keeps getting better!

Just put a tablet on the wall and running in portrait mode; waiting for ST to release a tablet (landscape) version of their UI. If this goes any further I may have to reconsider waiting :wink: Nice work! Don;t get sued my MS though, looking a little like the Metro interface :smile:

This is one of the most awesomer-est apps going! Fantastic job.


Yes Alex we are ready!

Am I the only one wondering if ST has offered @625alex a job yet?

Thanks @625alex i can finally make use of an ipad mini i have mounted in my kitchen wall. Any Plans for camera integration? I would love to click a tile to open up a live stream of my IP camera.

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Since most temp sensors also offer humidity measurement, have you thought about putting an inset humidity value into the temp tile?

Smartthings Hire this guy quick! He is amazing! Just Wow! Not just the idea of the web app but the continued upgrades and innovations is marvelous. Keep it up.

Or just another tile by itself.

A nice thing about what @625alex is doing is that he can enumerate multisensors into each capability. Then the user can choose if he/she wants it on the dashboard.


Is the code for 3.0 still found at the Github link in the top of the Web Dashboard 2.0 post?

I will post it in a day or so. Ironing out some bugs.

What are they going to do? Take away my ST hub?

Well, I’m not. Tomorrow or so!

I will consider this. I don’t have cameras yet, so I don’t know how to do it well.

I would love to work for ST!

Once the plumbing is in place, it’s actually easy to add more functionality.

@625alex Awesome work!!!
Now in version 4.0 we need a Sports Ticker line on the bottom that updates continually :thought_balloon::blush: as long as no Oilers wins are shown…

And then one tile that shows the status the Internet and another one for status of the Universe!

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I will see if I can add it quickly before next release.

Wow, I’m getting carried away…

You Canadians are so friendly.


This is going to solve a significant problem I was worried about in my new journey on the ST/HA road - my two sons, aged 6 & 11. For sure I didn’t want to give them control via the app and have things changed or worse.

Your labor is greatly appreciated.

That’s the whole point. You can give or take away access to all or some of the devices or create multiple instances for different people, rooms or screens. Whatever makes sense for your use case.

There’s no need to install ST Mobile app at all, so no one will mess with your settings.

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Thank you so much for the hard work! I am using V2.0 and it has worked perfectly so far. I am picking up a cheap nexus 7 to wall mount in my hallway, allowing my roommate to have easier access to statuses and functions.

Sorry for the Noob question but how do you go about installing Web Dashboard ?