Any update on iPad app?

Would love to see an iPad ui:).


check out

Yeah I use that currently. But if I need to do something like install an app I can’t use my iPad after the latest update.

The latest update made the UI really weird. Hoping for iPad version soon.

@james has been cooking up some tablet UX and UI, but the iOS team hasn’t started any development that I’m aware of.

I don’t see any difference after upgrade. It’s as bad as it was before.

Mine got messed up too. Ios 8 on iPad Air. Now screen is only half sceen (1x or 2x, doesn’t matter).

Force quit the app and restart. It should start normally. At least for a while…

Yep. Woke up this morning it was fine. Then went back to half screen.

I noticed that if you start the app with the ipad in landscape mode, the app will use only 2/3 of the screen. That is weird.

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The half screen iPad issue you are seeing is due to a bug in iOS 8. If you launch the app while your device is in portrait orientation then it works just fine. You sometimes have to force close the app so you can launch it again on an iPad.

The half screen issue can be reproduced by launching the app while your iPad is being held in landscape orientation.

Blaming it on “iOS bug” is lame. Wink app, which is also “iPhone app” does not suffer from the same problem, as half a dozen other iPhone apps I tried.


Agreed. Smartthings is the only app this happens on across the board. It is possible STs found a bug no one else did, but unlikely.

Updating to iOS 8.1 fixes this bug. It’s a bug with iOS 8.0.x, not with the SmartThings App.

The problem is still there, it just looks different. Instead of occupying 2/3 of the screen, the left margin is now outside of the screen, resulting in the Dashboard text truncated on the left. Again, this only happens with SmartThings app. All other apps on my iPad look normal.

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Seeing the same thing.

Crap. We haven’t seen that in our testing. I’ll get the bat signal going. Thanks @geko.

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Thanks for the confirmation.

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I’m lacking the technical details at this point but it looks like we’ve identified what is rendering differently on iPads running these versions of iOS 8.

The upcoming app update will fix this issue.

Thanks for staying on this guys.

Cc @tslagle13

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The workaround is to force close the app and reopen with the iPad in portrait mode.

When will this be out. Any new goodies to look forward to? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

p.s. ya’all are really good at staying on top of these issues. We all thank you for that!