A new error is reported for the SmartTings App

Hi, All:
A new error is reported as below:

It happened after I updated the SmartTings App on Android platform. I checked the hub status in SmartTings App:

Obviously, the hub connection is normal. And In my room, I also can watch some devices(added bofore the APP was updated) and the hub worked correctly.
Operation path: Add device ->By brand-> clicking any icon and any type product will find the error report.
The App version:
I can’t add devices to test my DTH. Who can solve this problem, please fix it as soon as possible, thank you!

Hi, @chenjun.
I was able to install a Z-Wave device correctly.

Please, try the following:

  • Clear the SmartThings app cache (from your mobile device’s configuration)
  • Instead of going to the brand, select scan nearby. When the device is identified (with the fingerprint), it will install the device using your custom DTH.
  • Make sure your device was previously deleted correctly (if Z-Wave, excluded from the network)

Thanks! I restarted my mobile phone and did as your said. Now I can add device normally.

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