New Device - Couldn't Add Device

I am having problems adding any new device. I always get “couldn’t add device. Something went wrong. Try again later.”

I have a version 3 hub and around 20 devices. I’ve tried multiple ways to add a new device. Including scanning the barcode and selecting by brand. I have Rebooted the Hub and tried reinstalling SmartThings app.

I am at a loss what to try next. Any ideas?

iOS or Android?

Brand/model of device you are attempting to add?

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Zooz Switch. Android.

Hey there! @IndyKid, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with onboarding your devices.

Give these troubleshooting steps a try:

  1. Attempt to add your device by the specific Model code or Scan nearby for devices ready to be connected/claimed.

  2. Ensure your Zooz device is within range of a hub-enabled device or repeater.

  3. Check the device is plugged in and/or has sufficient battery power.

  4. If you continue to have issues it is recommended to reach out to the Manufacturer.

Here is a link to get support for your specific model: Home - Zooz Support Center

I hope this message finds you well!


It is not just the single device that I’m trying to set up. It is for all devices. I cannot add any devices to SmartThings.

This is what i get if i try to add any new device.

I am having this same problem now that I never had before. Not sure if an app update broke it. I cannot add light bulbs, motion sensors, switches, outlets, nothing!
I have been using SmartThings for years to create a smart home, but things continue to break and requires continuous maintenance on my part to keep my home running smoothly. My whole family gets annoyed when things stop working, usually SmartThings is to blame. :frowning:

Are you able to exclude the devices? Do you have a support ticket # I could reference?

I have not tried to exclude devices because I get this error for all new devices. Is getting a support ticket the best way to get this problem resolved?

Probably. The community here is great but they don’t have any insight into the backend of what’s going on.

In regards to excluding, I would always recommend excluding Z-Wave devices prior to adding them. It’s a good test of functionality as well.

Same problem here !!

Can you give it another go? I think I found and resolved your issue.

Exactly the same problem with a Schlage Connect lock. If I scan the QR code I get the same screen as above. I have excluded the lock and still get the same result. I have rebooted the hub (V3) multiple times and reset the lock to factory settings multiple times. No luck. If I try to add through a search for the device it connects in a non secure mode and asks to reconnect but when I follow the prompts the screen locks (Android). If I try to connect by manually identifying the device, I still get the message that it can’t connect right now, try again later. Very frustrating.

Same thing happened to me and here is how i fixed it.

Instead of manually adding the devices, once you put the items in pairing mode (sengled bulbs for me) select SCAN FOR DEVICES instead. The bulbs (along with nearby devices) came up and i added that way.

Scanning the items barcode never worked for me.

Good luck