Premade "Home" Location showed up—what do I do now?

I used to have Smartthings Classic setup on my Android. I had the old 2015 hub. I just purchased the new v3 Hub. I reset the old hub to factory, deleted Smartthings Classic, installed the new app and it has a location named “Home” already When I create my own I cannot go and delete the precreated “Home” location. It just says something went wrong, try again later.

I have logged into the Smartthings web interface and it only shows one location even though the app shows two. In the app, it won’t even let me add devices or rooms to the precreated “Home” location.

How can I delete this home?

Using Samsung S10 phone.

Hopefully you already found a fix for this, but if not, it’s covered in the following FAQ. ( The topic title is a clickable link.)