How do I remove old location

So as I have stated I ended up having to replace my hub. In doing so I now have two locations. That would be a huge deal in and of its self but every time I leave home I get a notification indicating “updating you mobile presence status” that cannot be cleared. Only way to get rid of it is a restart.

When I go into the app and try to del the old location it indicates “something went wrong. We are unable to remove this location. Please try again later.”

I’m fairly confident this old location is causing the presence issue. Trying to figure out how to fix as auto open of the garage doesn’t work when this notification is up.

try following the instructions in option #2 in the1st post of the following thread…

otherwise you can contact ST support and ask them to remove it for you

Not sure how to make sure the huh isn’t associated with it but when I go to the remove page this is what is listed. I’m not seeing a way to del a hub from it
Also I still have all the devices listed for it as well. Since it died I couldn’t remove them before the new Hub

I did go in and delete my wife and my phone from it. So hoping that resolves it. Though I’d like to del the location eventually.

I had the same issue. In the end, through many repetitive e-mails with support, they were finally able to remove the location. It took over three weeks and me explaining over and over again that I wasn’t able to to do it from within either app because of the same error message you received. It’s an issue that only higher tier support can fix (meaning they’ll need to get an engineer involved to go make changes to the production database). First level support won’t know what you’re talking about and will have you try things you’ve already tried. They’ll also ask for screenshots so you should take some, from both apps to show it’s not an issue with classic.