15-200 error during connection to SmartThings

I have almost 50 IOT things in my house, including the Samsaung Family Hub refrigerator. Everything works. Except the Samsung Washing machine. I am getting an error code, 15-200, during the registration process.

I can see the machine on my network, but the error happens.
MACadr added to router and static IP for ease. Nothing works.

Does anyone have any experience with this code I can see the internet is flooded with the same questions, all of them remain unanswered.


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Have you ever figure out how to fix this? I have a TV that I can’t connect and the app is showing me the same code.

I also tried to connect my washer and got the 15-200 error.

My Solution:
I changed the wifi security from WPA3 to WPA2 and it finally connected


Yeah, I am on WPA2, so wouldn’t work here.
This is really odd - 50 something devices, all working…except this one.

I did not.

I wonder why ST is silent about this. The internet is flooded with this error - and it seems random.

I’m trying to add a washing machine and get to product register and this code comes up. I’m using a BT whole home hub???!!