02-02-2022 - Motion light trigger is not working properly - within the past 48 hours it has reversed its function

I have had a smart things hub for 3-4 years now. In the kitchen I setup a motion sensor and smart bulb. When entering the kitchen the sensor turns on the light and after one min of inactivity it turns off the light. Was working perfectly for years. In the past 48 hours that function is working in reverse, not the light stays on and when you enter the kitchen it turns off. I deleted the automation and re-created it, same problem. I installed a new motion sensor, same problem. In the smart things app the motion sensor shows its working properly, the light is working properly. The smart things app really leaves a lot to be desired, some improvements have been made over the years however it still sucks. Now this issue makes it suck even more. How can a working perfectly lighting automation suddenly fail to work properly and then when recreating the automation and then changing the motion sensor not fix anything?

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Using Routines or Smart Lighting?

Exact same thing happening to me in our closets. Using Smart Lighting.

A bug was identified in smartlighting. The fix is going into beta testing today. Hopefully that will also correct the issue you are seeing since it happened about the same time.

If you want to, you can post a screenshot of the smartlighting automation that is not working and we can see whether it’s likely to be in the category covered by the fix.