Simple motion sensor + light issue

I put a motion sensor and light strip to my kitchen. Then I set up a simple automation.

Sunset-sunrise, Motion detected -> turn on
Sunset-sunrise, No motion 3mins -> turn off

But when I’m in the kitchen, after a while it turns it off. At first it was 1 min no motion and I thought maybe the sensor refresh rate was not enough and tried 3 mins but still have the issue.

When it turns off, I check the app and motion sensor says motion detected but still turns the lights off.

I’m using v3 hub, new app, Samsung motion sensor and Innr light strip.

It sounds like a very simple motion automation but what am I missing here?


This is a known issue.

Use smart lighting in the smartapps section to do this. It might even run local if your devices are running local.


Agree with @oldcomputerwiz

I’ve got two automations using the Smart Lighting SmartApp.

  • One turns on inside garage lights any time there is motion and turns off 5 minutes after motion stops.
  • The second one turns on outside garage lights if there is motion and it’s between sunset and sunrise. Turns off 10 minutes after motion stops.

Thanks for the answers!
I have only “SmartThings Home Monitor” in the SmartApps section and I can’t add anything else.

I searched the forum and this might be because of the country settings of my Samsung account. I’m in UK but Samsung account country is Turkey! - I can’t change it myself but wrote to Samsung support to have it changed.
Lets see if changing the country setting will allow me to add more apps…

Yes, country setting of the Samsung account restricts you from adding certain Smart Apps like Smart Lightning.
When I got it changed to UK, I could use Smart Lightning App and easily set this automation.

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