Smartthings motion sensor automation not working


I have been using the SmartThings motion sensor in my bathroom for a while. I have created an automation that turns on the light in the bathroom dimmed 80% .
In the automation I also turn of the light after 2,5 minutes.

The problem is that after these 2,5 minutes have passed and I am still in the bathroom the light goes off but I am unable to turn on the light again eventough I am waving my hand right infront of the motion sensor.

If I leave the bathroom before these 2,5 minutes have passed and enter the bathrom after a while again the lights goes on as expected.

Anny one knows why this error ocures with the automation running smooth if I leave the bathroom within 2,5 minutes and not if I am still in there?

What version of it are you using specifically? I’d gather that the motion interval for it is higher than 5 minutes. Just my guess though.

I am using the hub V3. Also the latest version of the motion sensor.

What do you mean with the motion intervall?

I specifically mean the Motion Cleared Delay, The amount of time it should wait after a motion event before sending the motion inactive event. After thinking about this some more, do you have it just turn on at motion and then wait after the initial trigger? Does it re-trigger after it detects motion again?


After these 2,5 minutes sometimes the lamp turns off and then on again direcly when waving infron of the sensor. Sometimes it turns off and when i wave infront of the sensor it does not turn on the lamp again.

But it is allways working if I leave the bathroom within these 2,5 minutes and then go back in again after a while .

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Exactly the same issue for me, I have moved back to the Smart Lighting Smartapp - seems more reliable

This problem is unfortunately not solved yet(!).
We are talking about the most basic, simple, thing in Home Automation, that are not working. It’s really incredible.
I just made the same automation, just in the SmartApp “Smart Lighting”. I just don’t like that everything is depended on your internet connection, therefor the local (and simple) automation should been working, from the very beginning of this "Smart"Thing.
Come on Samsung/SmartThings - you can do better than that!

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