Zwave repair unit new app

I saw from another thread that in the new app you go to the device and there is the zwave utility but I don’t see that there. Selecting allow updates is allowed but then switches back to dint allow. Any ideas where the zwave utility is?

This isn’t going to be much help, but:

  1. In my SmartThings app (iOS app v1.6.51) I can change that setting to Allow Updates and it sticks.

  2. Your screenshots shows you’re in the right place to access the “Z-wave Utilities”. It should be the middle of three options after you click the elipsis (three dots), but that middle button isn’t showing up on yours.

Have you completed the “migration”?

What Hub do you have? I have the 2015 (v2) SmartThings branded hub.

Is your Hub on the current firmware?

Here’s mine:

I have a V1 hub and the migration has failed which has left me with a number of my automations not working and having to be recreated. The thing was working great and the migration hosed me.

Thinking to move to Hubitat rather than redo it and then hear the V1 hubs are being desupported.