Where did the z-wave utilities go in the app?

Trying to do a Zwave exclude because a GE Zwave switch did not connect correctly. when i look under the hub in the same place as the drivers. The Zwave utilities option is missing. I do see it in the IDE.
Any thoughts?
Smartthings WIFI 3 puck setup

Find your hub in the devices list, select it to enter the device page. Select the three-dot menu; Z-wave utilities is there.

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Yep That’s where it should be but yet its gone.

Weird. Still there on my wife’s iPhone.


Open a support case so that they fix this. The more cases the better I would guess. Based on other comments it appears that the utilities only show for the v2/v3 hubs and not the ones that include the wifi router functionality.

hum posted a support ticket