Can't find Z-wave repair in new app

Scanned the forum and found some old threads about how to find the repair utility, but clicking on the hub tile or selecting it from the devices and clicking the 3 dots does not reveal the utilities…

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That’s the problem - it wasn’t there. I reinstalled the app and it still wasn’t there.
Finally I restored all my my apps using the Samsung backup/restore and now Z-wave utilities appears!
Crazy stuff going on here!

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It isn’t just you. Neither my husband nor I have Z-wave utilities at that location either.

just curious… what options do you see in More Options (the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen) in the hub screen?


hmmm… cancel is strange. I do not have that

I even deleted the app and reinstalled a new version. I cannot see it on the classic app that I just installed also.

I don’t have an answer for you. Be sure to open a ticket with ST support and have them look into this.

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Same here. On both The Android and IPhone apps, all I have listed is Edit, Manage Location and cancel. The option to repair Zwave network is nowhere to be found.

an alternative is to login to IDE @

choose My Hubs in the menu
scroll down the page and find View Utilities
you can run Z-Wave Exclude and Repair Z-Wave network from there

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Found it in the GUI

  • Select ‘SmartThings Hub’ in the device list
  • Three dots (top right)
  • Z-Wave Utilities
  • Repair Z-Wave network
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Thanks. Found it!

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