Zwave repair perplexing results w/Fortrezz Water Valve

I’ve got a Water Cop shut off valve (shows up as Fortrezz Water Valve in ST) in my garage and it’s doing some crazy (to me) that is Zwave routing.

It goes offline frequently, so I had added an Eva Logick Zwave+ plug I had laying around to the utility room, just six feet or so from the valve, to provide it a quick/easy initial connection. The plug is this one:

I just did a Zwave repair from the IDE, I did not get any error/fail message on the valve during the repair, but it is persisting on connecting in what seems like a crazy manner.

Its first connection is to a GE Zwave+ dimmer switch that is the exact opposite corner of my house, the absolute farthest possible distance from itself it could go. From there it connects to a Zooz wall wart plug in my kitchen (which is the room the garage is in front of), and then finally from the Zooz to my hub (which is about 15 feet from the Zooz and arguably closer to the GE switch in the bedroom than the Zooz is).

For some reason the Water Cop is ignoring the Eva Logik plug, skipping the Zooz plug, and going all the way to the far rear corner of the house. I have other GE Zwave plus switches that are much closer if it wants to use one of them, can’t figure out why it wants the one that is farthest away.

The Water Cop has been rebooted (I do that to get it to reconnect when it goes offline).

Any suggestions? I could kill power to the Zwave switch in the bedroom and re-do the Zwave repair, but then I won’t be using that switch properly in my system and will have to do another repair after turning it on, and am thinking the Water Cop will just fall back to the old routing at that point.

First, The information that you get In the IDE on the routing is not real time. It can take as much as 24 hours to be updated. This doesn’t have anything to do with Zwave, it’s the way the cloud architecture in smartthings has been implemented.

So wait to check the routing until 24 hours after you ran the repair and then see what it looks like.

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OK, great, thanks for that info, wasn’t aware of that. I’ll look at it again over the next day or so.

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