The " unavailabe" saga

I have sifted through many posts and still it seems no one can define why this happens (unavailable). I have 2 zwave plus switches on outside wall of the house facing a detached garage 35 feet away with also a zwave plus switch. With effort I can pair but will only last a day or two, at the same time delay in on/ off satus or confusion to its state. What are the limitations of zwave repeating? I am totally confused that " plus " switces drop out over that distance. I have replaced the switches with new and same scenario. Also I am having the same issue with a lamp module being the furthest ftom the hub yet 5 feet from a pair of plus switches at the rear of the house. What is the controlling factor!!!

Are you rebuilding the Z-wave mesh after adding a new z-wave device?

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Hmmmm…no I assume this allows the devices to act as repeaters? Where can I do this ?

here’s how to do it with the classic app. in the new app, its in the menu on the device page for the hub,

Thanks Jimmy, I believe I tried this awhile back but i am going to reinstall the garage light switch and intiate the repair or should I leave it alone and just initiate the repair? If it is stii unavailable do I need to make it available to the hub ( if I can again) so it sees the switch?

I would do it in two stages.

  1. Exclude garage light switch from smart things
  2. run z-wave repair. This way your z-wave network in the main house with your hub is in good shape. Run it until you get 0 errors.
  3. pair garage switch
  4. run z-wave repair
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Sounds like a plan, I’ll let you know the outcome. THANKS AGAIN!!

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Ok , after numerous tries. I was able to get both my garage GE dimmer switch and samsung motion detector back on line …for one day then went unavailable. Both are the furthest from the hub coincidently , the switch being 30ft from two GE plus switches (repeaters) in a detached garage while the Samaung motion sensor is 10 inches from two GE switches at the back of the house (repeaters). All devices work fine except these two furthest from the hub. It is almost as if nothing is repeating. I should have no issues with a 900mhz signal over these distances. Years ago my cordless phone had no issues with these distances. I have been going through this headache since devices were installed over a year ago. Is there a hub issue not sending out a"path" signal. Broken??.