Z-Wave Device Communication Issues 12/11/2020

Anyone else experiencing an outage in North America? Seems like all my ZWAVE stopped working but zegbee is working

I am not seeing any issues with z-wave

Try rebooting your hub in IDE

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yea I was logging into the IDE right after I posted. The Hub Reboot seems to have resolved it.


1 hour ago my zigbee switches were working with delay … (Europe)

Strange people writing the date backwards

But here in the UK i am also experiencing oddities with movement sensors not working suddenly 11/12/2020

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no outage per se, but my iOS app did decide to re-order itself today :rage:

still seeing odd stuff on z-wave, sometime up to a 5 min delay in a command being sent to the device. No issues with zigbee. Rebooted the hub this morning.

30 Zwave “actuation” devices off line here, I haven’t checked sensors.

The “odd” stuff has been going on for a while, 5 minute a actuation times…

Something is not right, perhaps corrupted Zwave hub firmware. I say because not everyone seems to be affected!

hmm, a lot of my Zigbee devices are marked as offline but reporting fine

will smartthings ever address the z-wave stack issues. this started with a z-wave stack change a while back.

(i don’t have ghost devices, and yes i’ve run z-wave repair)

Ugh I have had to reboot my hub 2Xs today because zwave keeps messing up

and 2Xs again already today. The WAF is going down fast

Ok, just pulled batteries, pulled power, did a reboot that way, see if that helps

There is a maintenance today :slight_smile:


My zwave are offline