Zwave or zigbee in wall outlet 20AMP?

Are there any zwave or zigbee in wall outlet with resistor? Basically I am looking for the following with zwave or zigbee ( red button inside for tripping etc) . Has anyone used heater or any other appliance with in wall outlet? I have tried searching amazon but not so much luck

Two separate questions.

First, there are no GFCI outlets that are Z wave or zigbee because they work in opposite ways. A network outlet has to always draw some power so that there will be power to the radio to hear the next “on” command. In contrast, a GFCI outlet has to be able to cut the power completely when there’s a surge, that’s its function.

So this is handled in one of two different ways. The simplest is just to take a regular pocket socket module and plug it into a GFCI outlet. That gives you radio control of the plug in module and GFCI protection in the outlet. Unfortunately, there are none of these that are Spec’d above 15 A.

The other alternative is to use an inwall relay which matches the specifications on that circuit and move it upstream of the GFCI outlet, even all the way to the circuit box. That will meet code in most places, although you have to check your specific town/city requirements. But the whole point of GFCI is to cut the power at the point where the person might be in contact with it, which is why in many places you can’t move the GFCI further up the circuit, it specifically has to be on each outlet. ( also, to be honest, it’s also just to make it easier for inspectors to see that the requirement is being met. )

OK, that’s the GFCI part of the question.

The other question is networked relays for higher than 15 A. These do exist, but they tend to be very bulky.

There used to be exactly one for the US market that was a regular in wall outlet, but it’s been discontinued, I suspect because of the GFCI issue. But it doesn’t look like they are creating a new version of it.

I’m going to give you a link to a thread on the higher amperage relays, but I know they may not be what you’re looking for. But there is an in wall micro that may work depending on the exact details of your use case.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation but my goal is use this in a garage for electric heater where I can control the outlet for a given time so that heater is not on on all the time. Also didn’t see any links as you stated. Appreciate the response :slight_smile:

The thread title itself is a clickable link. Then in that thread in post 2 there are links to several different devices. But none are GFCI devices for the reasons I mentioned.

Perfect, thanks