In-wall Outlet with controllable lower receptacle

I am having trouble finding what I am looking for.
I’m in the US using the v3 hub.

I know in-wall outlets have been covered in many topics but I could not find what I was looking for.

Z-wave or Zigbee in wall outlet receptacle with the bottom outlet controlled. I have found several (like the Leviton z-wave outlet) with the top controlled. Can not use a plug-in in these specific outlets due to space.

Enbrighten 55256, zwave

Or their Zigbee version, 43102

The Z wave version is also sold under the Jasco and Honeywell brand names.


@JDRoberts to the rescue as usual! Thanks so much! I don’t know how I missed that 🤦

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Nortek/gocontrol and TopGreener both also made outlets of this type, but both of those are older technology and hard to find now. I would just go with the Enbrighten. :sunglasses: