15 or 20 amp wall outlet with load to control multiple downstream outlets?

Does anyone make an in wall 20amp (or 15amp) Z-wave / zigbee outlet that would also control load for other outlets that are “downstream” of a leg?

My wife has a large closet that has 8 outlets all on one circuit. She is bad about leaving a hair straighten on or working if she did. Currently I can only pull up my whole house energy meter and figure out if she has left a 1200w item on. None the less, I’m wanting to put in a Zwave outlet that would turn all her outlets off automatically when her phone is “away”. I’m wanting to put 1 outlet in and control it like a gfci leg where all the downstream outlets are wired into the load of the zwave outlet. Anyone make these?

Yup! I do that same thing in our bathrooms with the Aeon micro switch hidden inside the box of the outlet upstream from all the others.


That could defiantly work.

However how do you wire this up?
I’m kinda confused that it will work on 120vac/ 230vac or 24vdc

Is it
N) neutral
L) Line out (non z-wave hot all the time , for metering purposes)
IN) Line in (hot)
OUT) Load
S1) some sort of switch controlled by itself
S2) 2nd switch controlled by itself

It works for either. I use all mine Aeon’s on my home’s 120vac.

Take a look at the PDF manual, if you haven’t already.

It’s really easy to install. I found the main power line feeding all my outlets in the bathroom and installed it there.

The main feed goes into L and N, and then the output goes to the other outlets (starting with the first one in the chain). Depending on how your house is wired up, this could be very straight forward.

Mine had the main feed coming from the breaker box to an outlet, and then another line to another outlet, and then another line from that outlet to a third outlet. I put the Aeon switch before the very first outlet so that if I turned that Aeon device off, all outlets turned off. I did not use S1 or S2 because I don’t need a switch to control the device, just SmartThings.

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So for the most part N neutral… bridge/ jumper for L&IN is hot and out is load. Easy enough. I may get 2 of these and put them in my panel. Switch 1/2 is to turn it on/off without ST

Does this take a DH?

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Nope, which keeps it local. It installs as a Z-Wave Metering Switch device type.

I’m very happy with mine, and with my previous versions of this device.

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Does Aeon/ Ae0tec make any of the dual switches with power metering that would use two line ins?

I did find the Aeotec ZW132-A with energy metering which would pull from 1 circuit (line-in) and have 2 outputs of 1150watts which would be 10.5amps@110vac per output. Not clear if I can control each side separately with ST or not.

I also found the Qubino ZMNHBD with energy metering which has 2 separate line inputs (could use 2 circuits) to control 2 outputs. However I am completely confused about their wattage rating. Says 110vac is 920w / 4 amps for each side on every thing I can find. Which does not compute with my Watts = Amps x Volts. 920watts on 110vac should be 8.36 amps per side and I couldn’t figure out if you could control the switches separately with ST

I also found the Fibaro double switch FGS-223 with energy metering 6.5amps per side/ 10 total again pulling from 1 circuit going to 2 outputs.

And the Zipato PH0PAN04.US 1 input and 2 outputs and says 1500w each output. This is the only one I see that says it has some sort of over load protection.

I have 2 of the ZW116 on their way for the outlets

Not sure which ones would take a DH or how well any of the others work ST and they are all about the same price. Im looking to place one of these to automatically turn two circuits of lights off from the breaker box. All the lights are LED except 6 lights in one vanity and a vent fan. But things that I am going to put in the breaker box, I want to be able to over load them even if I would move then someone puts regular lights in and burns something up. I would prefer 2 lines In/ 2 out, energy readings. Anyone had good results with any of these?