Suggestion for inwall power outlet (Finland)

Hello Community !

Im reaching tou to you, since i have not really found what i was looking for… these kind of devices : power outlet

Fibaro ones are too expencive, is there any other cheaper ones ? Can be zigbee too, bit not wifi ones.

Thnx !

Check this link. Its has Officially supported devices & Unofficially supported devices. It is not very current, but can get you started.
Also, search the community, alot of new devices are being added.
check this link

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

Oh yeah, 868.42 MHz z-wave.

And what country?

Why ? i can order abroad :slight_smile: But if you need to know, Finland

Because the device selection varies. Some countries have specific safety code requirements that limit the devices that can be used there. And of course some have different voltage. There are some countries using 120 V but the European Zwave frequency. Also the pin pattern differs. And the amperage is different: in most European countries, a wall socket is typically 10 A where in the US it has to support at least 15 A to meet local codes. There’s just a lot of variation.

Have you considered an in wall micro relay? These fit behind the existing socket. They do meet code requirements in most European countries, although they are typically not high enough amperage for a US in wall socket.

Aeotec makes one which is considerably less expensive than the Fibaro Walli, for example

As far as Zigbee, if it’s Zigbee 3.0 and it’s a single socket on/off device, it should work with smartthings. Dual socket designs or energy reporting might not work without custom code, though.

Sonoff has an in wall Zigbee module that should work. You don’t have to put it in the same box with the current receptacle, you just have to put it on the same circuit branch.

Tuya has certified a Zigbee in wall Schuko plug, but I haven’t seen it offered for sale yet.

Thnx, there is no room behind sockets :confused: I need to replace whole thing. I Found one from aliexpress, but not sure if its safe, and, it was too big anyways …

If you find any Zigbee 3.0 devices that say they will work with one of the echo devices that has a zigbee hub inside, that should also work with smartthings as an on/off device. Safety issues are always a consideration, though. :thinking: