ZWave (Z-Wave) Regression since 000.031.00004


Has anyone else noticed issues with Z-Wave devices randomly dropping offline following the 31.04 firmware update, in particular Aeotec Dual Nano Switch and Fibaro Single Switch 2.

Since the update my Aeotec Switch has dropped offline (and come back after a power cycle), however my Fibaro Single Switch 2 is always showing offline.

I am using the Z-Wave Switch Generic DTH on the Fibaro and have a UK Hub V2.

Anyone else please?


I did have my z-wave devices show as offline yesterday evening. Having said that, I am rebuilding everything as we recently moved to a new house so I am not sure of the cause. Z-wave repair to not correct the issue, but a power cycle of the hub did. I had a similar issue with some of my hue bulbs in the same part of the house the day before though, and I don’t think I can blame that on the firmware update.

Thanks for the feedback - I noticed there was mention of some issues with multiple endpoint controllers using Z-Wave on the firmware update. I think I will try removing and re-adding the devices to see if that brings them back to life (they are really hard to access though!)

I believe that was related to device with 10 or more endpoints causing it to not read the raw description for the device while pairing. It was a introduced in an intermediary beta version and then fixed in the final version.

Thanks for the info - trying to exclude the ZWave module ended up with the reset button snapping… looks like I’ll swap it out for a Zigbee module - they have been less fussy and prone to failure for me.