Device issues

Wondering if anyone can help. i have 2 issues with devices atm.

  1. i have a smartthings door sensor which isnt responding. it shows in smartthings however none of the stats are changing. so when i open the door the status doesnt change and no change in temp etc. i changed the battery and no change. is there anything else i can do?

  2. i have a fibaro dual relay. was working fine this morning. then all of a sudden it stopped responding. it was almost like in the app the switch was stuck on as it was reporting one of the relays as on even though it wasnt. local switch works fine. so i removed it from smartthings and attempted to exclude it. so its no longer in smartthings but i also cant find it when i attempt to re-pair it. for a while when i ran smartthings zwave repair it was showing the device ID of the fibaro was failing to route and mesh. i read a fix for this was to add another device with the same ID and force remove it again. this fixed that but i still cant find the device when i try to pair.

First question how far apart are these from your hub? It might just be a signal strength issue.

the fibaro is around 4 meters but was working fine. the smartthings motion sensor which again has been working for 8-10 months is around 6m but has 3 walls between it and the hub, but there is another zigbee device in between them