Zwave module restarts

(Denis) #1

Recently having many issues. The only thing I can find of note, other than triggers not working well, is my zwave module keeps restarting. This is one of many entries in a short time span, happened maybe 3 or so times in a few minutes.

2016-04-04 3:28:35.920 PM MST
moments ago HUB ENTITY_UPDATE HubUpdated
2016-04-04 3:28:33.079 PM MST
moments ago HUB zwStatus starting up Z-Wave starting up
2016-04-04 3:28:32.265 PM MST
moments ago HUB zwStatus power cycle Z-Wave power cycle started
2016-04-04 3:28:32.103 PM MST
moments ago HUB Err 101: ZW module not respon… Err 101: ZW module not responding

(Beckwith) #2

Could be related to this:

A fix is supposed to be issued today.

(Denis) #3

Thanks, that could be the case. My repair does not end and just pings forever. Once I rebooted the hub, repair would finish, but with many mesh and route errors, this was not an issue last week.

(Bruce) #4

You have the infamous Err 101 problem. This means that your z-wave setup is toast. You cannot get beyond that error no matter what you do, short of a factory reset. Several of us have been through this. Bad luck. You have a phantom z-wave device or some other anomaly that is crashing the hub z-wave firmware. You could contact support and hope that you find the right person, as it has been told that they can fix this. But, most of us have had no luck with that.

The only recourse that has been found so far is to do a factory reset, or get a new hub. Either implies that you have to tear everything down and start over.

Oh the joy of having a SmartThings system!

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(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #5

Send a message to support. Tell then you are having trouble with your Zwave repair. Send then the screen shot above.

Ask them to search your account for orphan devices, and if any are found to delete them.

I’ve done this a couple of times in the past because of this exact reason.

@bravenel after my first entire system rebuild because of this stupid problem I wrote support and pitched a royal hissy fit. The response was that several orphans were found. They deleted them and I’ve been good since.

Every time I have trouble adding our deleting a device I send a message asking for a check.

(Denis) #6

Thanks, I will try that, would hate to have to rebuild it all.