ZWave Lock - Should manual locking/unlocking fire an event?

(Joe) #1

I was under the impression that manually locking or unlocking my ZWave door lock would send an event to SmartThings and update the status of door lock in the app. Currently, I’m not seeing that behavior. I found this FAQ (FAQ: Zwave lock (any brands) locks and unlocks, but the hub doesn’t know the status) and it seems kinda similar, except the status of the door lock works correctly whenever it’s unlocked or locked from SmartThings.

For example, if I lock the door from ST, the status updates to locked. If I manually unlock the door, the app will still show “Locked” until I click the refresh button from the app. Is this expected behavior or is the door lock simply not beaming the event to the hub unless the hub initiates the lock?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

What brand and model of Lock?

My Schlage Connect (Z-Wave) definitely sends manual lock and unlock Events.

(Joe) #3

Oops, that probably would have been helpful. It’s a Kwikset 910 (

(Michael Hess) #4

My 910 sends nearly instant updates to the phone app showing it’s locked or unlocked.

(Joe) #5

How far away is your hub from the door lock? Do you have any other ZWave devices (specifically ones that are hardwired) near the door lock?

(Michael Hess) #6

It’s about 25 feet with two walls in between. I have many other z-wave devices, but that was my first and it paired easily though I did have the hub maybe 5 feet from it at the time. Distance was not an issue at 25 feet with no other z-wave devices.

(Joe) #7

Ok, something’s definitely wonky with my device, then. My 910 is the only ZWave device on my network along with 1 other door sensor. My hub is ~15ft from the door lock with no walls in between and I’m not receiving any status updates when the lock is manually locked or unlocked.

(Michael Hess) #8

Remove it from ST, then do a force exclude on it via the ST “My Locations” then “Settings” then tap “Home Hub” and “Z-Wave Utilities” followed by “General Device Exclusion”

Bring the hub as close as you can, long ethernet cable and batteries! And re-add it.

(Joe) #9

Last night I manually removed the device from every SmartApp, excluded it, reset the device, reprogrammed all of the codes, and then reconnected it to the ST hub because I’ve been having problems with it not locking and unlocking. If I understand, your instructions should do the same thing, but I can always try it again tonight.

(Michael Hess) #10

Yeah same thing I suggested. Keep the hub as close as possible and see if the lock/unlock is still unreliable. Not sure what else to suggest.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #11

Z-Wave Network Repair?

(Joe) #12

I’ve tried that. The repair took less than 60 seconds and the issue persists.

(Stuart Buchanan) #13

you probably have what i had, my zwave network had 9 devices in the Zwave network that were not showing as failed, but there was no corresponding device in ST. it seems that ST’s Exclude/Delete method gets killed sometimes and doesn’t delete the Zwave object. and since we have no way to see this in ST, the only way to see this is to add a secondary controller. I have moved back to 100% ST automation again yesterday because since removing these devices by adding the device with the same Network ID back into ST and attempting the delete again has made my zwave automation really reliable again.

trying to delete those nine Zwave devices i had a 1 in 5 failure rate where the zwave object was not deleted. i wouldn’t be surprised if this is where a lot of peoples ST instability is introduced.

i have disabled the openhab automation for the moment as i am waiting for Openhab 2’s zwave implementation to support secure encapsulation. and i have yesterday added all my zwave locks into ST and all is good with the world.

i am just now looking today at a possibility of offloading all my sonos’s from ST, which should give me some more reliability as i have proved this to also be a cause of instability.

life in the ST world is pretty good again. I’ve been one of their biggest critics of late as my experience from just b4 christmas was abysmal. but things are on the up and i will be the first to admit that i am happy that i have openhab as a backup so if ST dies or goes offline i can bring back the openhab automation with a single command.

(John S) #14

Yep: event says “Front Door Lock lock is unlocked” for manual or via app vs “… with code X” for a code unlock.

(Joe) #15

How would I go about seeing the mesh zwave network to see if there are any stuck devices? I’ve had headaches with my zwave devices even before I got ST when I had a Nexia hub.

(Stuart Buchanan) #16

well i used Openhab and a ZME-UZB1 Zwave stick added as secondary controller to the Zwave network.


I just installed the Kwikset 910 deadbolt over the weekend and I had the same issue. I found out that I didn’t follow the instructions exactly when I installed it. In the guide link below, I didn’t hold the lock button down when I inserted the batteries (step 8a). The deadbolt wouldn’t lock all the time and status wasn’t updating on the ST app.

(Joe) #18

Ok so I figured it out… Over the weekend I was playing around with custom device handlers and I added a handler for the Schlage touchscreen lock. I never published it, but when I did the exclusion and zwave network repair last night it must have loaded the custom handler instead of the generic zwave lock handler. I had to completely delete the unpublished device handler before ST would default to selecting the right handler for my lock.

My lock is now sending all events properly.

One other interesting thing… the Amazon page I bought the lock from says 910, but in the ST smart apps section, my lock doesn’t look like the 910. My lock looks like the “Kwikset Contemporary Deadbolt” lock. So that’s fun, lots of weird things going on.


I’m curious to see if you will have consistent updates from your 910 via the ST app. Mine seems to work great for 2-3 days and then slowly stops reporting on the app. By day 5 it no longer responds.

I had the lock swapped out by kwikset and the new one does the same thing. If I reset the hub, the lock works great again for 2-3 days and then it starts failing again.

Biggest problem is saying the door is locked when it’s open and vice versa.

Trying to find a solid solution to all these lock problems.


Hi all. First post on these forums after a week with SmartThings and a few days with a Kwikset 910.

So my problem is a bit different. My SmartThings will immediately show the lock/unlocked status whether manually executed or by keypad. But now for the life of me I cannot lock/unlock from the app.

Honestly between this and the fiasco I went through with sunset/sunrise events (yet another common ST problem) I’m wondering what the point of this thing is. Convenience sure hasn’t been one of them so far.

Any suggestions on how I can get my lock responding to ST commands and not just showing the status (although I must say it updates status nearly instantly which is cool)?