A rapid manual unlock and lock of the Schlage Connect Lock does not register events in ST

A member of my household has a tendency to quickly unlock, open, close, and lock the front door within a second. My Konnected.io solution has no problem reporting the open and close door sensor events to ST. However, neither the unlock or lock events from the Schlage Connect zwave lock appear in the ST app under “Recent”. Does anyone know if this would be a deficiency in the @Rboy device handler, or the native behavior of the Schlage lock hardware when there is a rapid manual unlock then lock action performed? Or is it something else entirely? The lock has no problem reporting “typically timed” unlock then lock actions.

This is common with Schlage locks (especially with the BE46x series). Multiple reasons:

  1. Schlage locks have a minimum time between processing certain commands, for e.g. if you unlock and immediately send a lock command it will ignore it (requires about a 7 second gap).
  2. Your Z-Wave mesh isn’t “strong” and the lock is missing/losing some commands. A typical way to improve this would be to reboot the hub and do a Z-Wave repair (this is our goto solution when we have trouble with “lost” commands). Another great way to improve the mesh reliability is to add a Z-Wave repeater close to the lock (within about 20 ft). This is a good idea if you lock is not responding well in general or missing a lot of commands.

Thanks RBoy,

Does it make sense then that neither of the two events are sent out when performed in rapid succession? (Not just the second event ignored.)

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Hmmm. Hypothetically, the lock should report those events - even if it’s just someone manually opening the lock from the inside and then immediately re-locking it.

I’m using the other (ethayer?) handler. I’ll have to test that a bit.

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I have the

Schlage Lock Company BE468CEN619 Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt, Satin Nickel

And it registered all my quick half second manual lock and unlocks

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Thanks Matt,

What DTH are you using for the lock?

The regular built in zwave lock DTH. I added the lock through the marketplace and it must have chosen zwave lock. I know what you’re saying about smart locks though, my first one had weird issues but I chalked it up to mesh issues like you suggested, since my zwave way back then was pretty sparce. I’ve added 1 or 20 things since and this one is excellent! Paired with the enhanced auto door lock smart app and a webcore piston to alert me if the lock is jammed is perfect! No more Deadbolt dings in the trim and better auto lock control, like never auto lock when it’s open.

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