Schlage Connect Lock not reporting a manual unlock event

I have two Schlage Connect Zwave locks running @RBoy’s Universal Lock DTH and SmartApps. I installed them both about 6+ months ago. A couple of days ago, I noticed that my front door lock stopped triggering the disarming of my SHM when I manually unlock it. It also stopped turning on my porch light. Today I have confirmed that a manual unlock on my back door is registering an event, but the front door lock is not.

Here’s an example of the event in live logging: (I left off the payload numbers)

[‘name’:‘lock’, ‘value’:‘unlocked’, ‘descriptionText’:Back Door was manually unlocked, ‘data’:[‘type’:‘manual’], ‘isStateChange’:true, ‘displayed’:true, ‘linkText’:‘Back Door’]

I do not get this for my Front Door lock when I manually unlock it.

Both locks have the latest DTH code (03.03.03)

Any ideas?


Do all the other Events work? (e.g., keypad unlock)?

I suspect basic networking issues and suggest remove and re-Add the lock.

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Yes, as far as I can tell all other events are registering and the lock is working as expected.

I’ve been comparing the front and back door lock devices in the IDE, and the only noticeable difference I see is the “Current States”. My front door lock has a state called “invalidCode” with a value of “detected”. But the Last Update for that say 2017-06-12. So I would think if that had something to do with it, it might be more recent, unless this has been going on longer than I thought. (The ‘properly working’ back door lock does not have this state listed.)

I’ll try removing and re-adding tomorrow. I did recently have to reintroduce an outlet and switch in that same room. They may have started acting up around the same time as this lock. I just would have expected a complete communication failure on the lock, not limited to one event type if this was a classic zwave issue.

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Are you looking at the events in Live Logging or the event history?

I would also recommend removing and re pairing the lock. We had another person also have a similar issue after months of working it just stopped sending the event one day. The solution was to reboot the hub, do a z wave repair and re pair the lock.

Also if you don’t have active repeaters you may want to add one between the lock and the hub. Z wave mesh issues can be very hard to diagnose and lead to all types of odd symptoms.

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I finally got around to disconnecting/reconnecting the lock to the Z-wave network, and everything is back to normal. (It only took a month for me to get around to it.)