Zwave Lever Locks - Kwikset, Yale - What's coming? Advice?

I have doors with both lever and deadbolt locks. Was thinking of getting the lever lock from Kwikset as Yale one is too tall to work with deadbolt. I like have both locks for convenience. Kwikset’s one is a bit cumbersome to replace batteries if you have a deadbolt, you have to remove assembly and plate. According to Kwikset’s reviews page, 8 mos ago they claim they had a redesigned one in development.

Another reason I wanna not use an automated deadbolt one, is that our deadbolt currently requires us to pull in our door a bit tighter to engage, which also serves to make our house a bit tighter in air seal, an important feature in an energy efficient home. To get the zwave one to work, I’d have to make sure the base door alignment is forgiving enough to allow more air leakage. For those who know about blower door tests we’re just at 3.0 pc/h and I’d like to keep it there.

My instinct is to wait for the new one. Thoughts? Advice?

As far as the deadbolt not lining up, I wouldn’t call that a “feature” - it’s a poor install. I just installed the Kwikset 916 deadbolts on two doors, both had this problem. I managed to adjust the strike for the regular handle to get them lined up enough for the deadbold motor to properly engage.

I guess thats true… I can probably get it aligned better. Still would like to have a Zwave/zigbee door handle lock though.