Z-wave/Zigbee lock suggestion


I’ve read through a lot of the posts and wanted to see if anyone was aware of newer locks that might be out on the market that can be used for the door leading to a garage (not a deadbolt, just a lever-type lock…)

If you have recommendations, that would be great.

Kwikset, Schlage, and Yale all have some lock models with built in levers rather than deadbolts. These tend to be their older models rather than anything newer, but you can still get them.

Anyway, you can see all the locks that are certified on the official Z wave alliance site and get the model numbers there. :sunglasses:



The other alternative for doors is to use an electric strike. There aren’t any off-the-shelf solutions for this, but a number of community members have installed them and you can find project reports on the quick browse list for “locks” in the community – created wiki.

Just remember that in most US jurisdictions fire safety codes will require that doors can be opened to the outside without needing a special code or key, so that people can get out of the house in an emergency. So you just need to think that through when designing an electric strike solution. (It’s not an issue with the lever smart locks since they are already designed that way.)


thanks…I’ve seen those, but most of the reviews for at least some of them aren’t great. I know there are some made in other countries as well…just don’t know the names.