Lever Lock

Hey everyone, wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a lever lock that works with ST in addition to Yale? Thanks so much!!

  • what country are you in as selections may differ?
  • which hub do you have?
  • have you reviewed the Supported devices list? (in ST app… tap on Menu and tap on the Supported devices tile)

I use these in my house. They work very well with ST. They come in different finishes. They come in both Zwave and Zigbee. Get the Zigbee version if possible. I always find that Zwave locks are a little flaky!

As @jkp mentioned, the options will vary by country and by your ST hub model if you have one.

But several of the major lock companies on the partners list offer lever models, including Yale, Schlage, and kwikset.

If you want to start your research now, You can find a list of supported devices by category for your region in the SmartThings app, but it’s sort of hidden.

  1. From the main page in the app, tap on the plus sign and choose “add a device.”

  2. On the next page, tap on the 3 vertical dots. This will let you choose “view supported devices.”

  1. on the next page, find the “sensors and security” section, then choose door locks.

  1. that will bring up a list of brands, but it doesn’t mean all models of each brand. So you have to click on the actual brand to see what models have SmartThings integrations.

And this is where having a hub makes a difference.

The SmartThings Station can work with Zigbee, Matter over Thread, or WiFi models from the list in the app.

Other standalone SmartThings hub models can also work with zwave models.

Other built in SmartThings hubs, like the ones in some samsung monitors and sound bars, or the dongle that can be attached to the family hub refrigerator, have the same connection profile as the smartthings station. (No zwave.)

If you don’t have a hub, zwave or Zigbee models will be out for you.

I know that probably seems like a lot of work, so if you’d rather just wait for people to make specific model recommendations, that’s fine. But again they will need to know what country you are in and if you have a hub in order to be helpful to you. :sunglasses:


Hey all, sorry I wrote this too quickly. I am in the US, Aeotec ST Hub, I have reviewed the supported devices list, I guess I was hoping something new had popped up. We are missing the Schlage FE599. Super durable lever lock. I set these up in group homes so we need something that can be re-keyed to a master key, and from what my maintenance guys tell me, the cylinder in the Yale lever locks can get loose and cause it to jam.
Thanks for the suggestions!

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Interesting. :thinking: I’ve never heard that, Yale locks are usually rated the highest quality both by the independent certifying organizations and on consumer reports type studies. They have almost all metal internal parts. Schlage tends to fall one level lower because they do have some plastic internal parts, although still very good locks. Kwikset is a budget line, so if Yale and Schlage are in the high end of the “better“ category in a good/better/best ranking, kwikset would be in the high end of the “good“ category. Fine for most residential purposes, but might not meet your needs.

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With the Kwikset smart key models, you can rekey them all by yourslef to one master key, its super easy.

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Yes, I agree, I have noticed with the Yale 216\226 lever, the inside locking switch can get jammed by a little too much effort. We had the Schlage FE5599 and they were amazing, incredibly durable.

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