New Kwikset 914 Z-wave Deadbolt?

I ordered and received the new Kwikset SmartCode 914 deadbolt lock in Polished Brass. Plan to install it this weekend. Has anyone else installed it yet to pass on any tips or cautions for the install? I assume everything should go well, since it should be just an improvement on the already proven 910 model. I chatted with ST support last week and they thought it should be fine.

New features that I liked over the 910: reduced size, inside cover is now metal (not metal painted plastic), bump proof with a side pin cylinder, and most of all 10 individual number keys for code entry instead of the 5 combined number buttons (1/2, 3/4 etc).

Kwikset site has full product details. I bought from Amazon, and here is the Amazon listing.

And this other site had a good description of it: Discount Home Automation

If anyone is interested I’ll report back on how the install goes and how it plays with ST.


I don’t have that model myself, but it should be a rather typical install. Most important step is to make sure you have everything lined up right so that the deadbolt engages without having to push or pull on the door.

I’ve tested it and it’s working great. It is a really nice upgrade over the previous Kwikset deadbolt.

One thing to keep in mind for connecting this: The “A” button is used both for Z-Wave inclusion and exclusion. The “B” button is only used in the ZigBee version. It’s the same as with the old version, but I was hoping they’d make it a bit more clear.


I’ve tried for thee days to get a Kwikset 914 to connect to my smartthings hub. I tried the mobile app->add lock. I’ve tried mobile app mythings->add with no success. I’ve tried factory resetting the 914 between tries and also a generic exclude. No luck for me.
What’s your secret recipe to get it to connect?

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Anybody know if this Kwikset deadbolt will work with SmartThings?

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It took me a long weekend to figure out that the lock must be locked to pair successfully.


Son of a bitch! That would explain why I couldn’t pair the damn thing. Thanks for posting this.

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The Kevo is bluetooth, which Smartthings doesn’t have, so no it does not work directly with Smartthings. The Kevo works well some of the time; lately it requires the phone to be within inches of the lock and several attempts to unlock the door.

I have an Android phone so I ordered one of their “keyfobs” instead and they work well.

If you go through the calibration process, it generally works very well – in my experience – even if the keys are in your pocket. In my wife’s case she has her keys deep in her bag, which is full of crap, and she has to get the purse close to the lock in order for it to be recognized. Still, she considers this acceptable since it’s better than digging through the purse to find the actual keys :smile:

I have three working, with no problems.

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Can anyone recommend a reliable Z-wave doorknob? And thank for the deadbolt recommendation. I will be getting the 914.

I also recommend the 914!

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I had the exact same problem. No dice, no matter what I did I couldnt get it to Pair or Remove.

I had the lock hung on the door when I went to work today (still not paired/working but I had to have a lock on the door). After work tried pairing again, did NOTHING DIFFERENT, and it worked first time. This after trying three dozen or so times yesterday. I did nothing different.

NOW…it’s paired, programmed, I see it in my ST “Things”, yet I get nothing. Press Lock, nothing. Unlock, nothing.

I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow for it to randomly start working.

This is the second ST product (the last one the Aeon motion detector) that WOULD NOT PAIR…until it did. Completely arbitrary.

I seemed to have connected my 914 lock but it rarely sent a signal to the lock. I decided to exclude and try to reinstall. No luck. I have no clue how to get this thing to exclude. I’ve got it disconnected and about 10" from the hub. I’ve done the whole “Press A” process while in Exclude Mode. Any suggestions? Connecting/Disconnecting this lock is such a hassle I’m considering sending back. Thanks!

I would just replace it and try again.

The one I got Home Controls Inc had the look of being refurbished and had the same problem as you. Ultimately had to be replaced with me paying for shipping. The replacement had some quirks the first few days, fixed by thumb pressing some plastic around the battery compartment. The ones I got from Amazon had no issues from the start. All have worked flawlessly for 5 or 6 months now. The heavy use lock in the garage entrance door autolocks and autounlocks several times per day. That one is down to 50% battery level. The others are 60 to 70%. Not bad for 5 or 6 months in my opinion.

Make sure it is locked when pairing or excluding. This to me was non obvious.

I’ve been trying to connect this thing for a few hours and nothing seems to be happening. I’m using a 914 Zigbee wave deadbolt that was initially installed without pairing to smartthings.

After attempting to pair via “connect new device” I can get the controller to see it but as an unrecognized “thing”… Faulty unit or am I missing something?

No lock when attempting to connect via add lock

Does anybody have a step by step that worked for them?

Thanks for your help!

This is what Kwikset tech support told me:

"In order for the lock to properly include into the z-wave network, here are some basic steps;

-Remove the battery pack.

-Press & hold the program button (black button) for 5 seconds and release.

-Make sure the lock is running brand new good quality batteries, e.g. Duracells or Energizers.

-Insert battery pack back into power board.

-Remove the lock off the door and take it next to the z-wave controller, must be 6”-12” from controller.

-On the z-wave controller go into “exclusion mode” and press the top left white button (B button) once. A red light will illuminate to the right of the B button and it will turn off.

-On the z-wave controller go into “inclusion mode” and press the top left white button (B button) once. A red light will illuminate to the right of the B button and it will turn off.

-Leave the lock next to the controller for about 2 minutes.

-From the z-wave controller send a command to the lock. If the lock responds to the command it has successfully been included into the z-wave network and you can install the lock back on the door. "

When i bought my locks there was no zigbee version yet. The manual kind of makes it sound like you can use z-wave or zigbee but I think it is only one and depends on which one you bought. Either way make sure you exclude it before trying to pair it again and be sure that it’s in the locked position when you pair. Even if it’s off of the door next to the hub you still have to make sure it’s in the locked position. The part number for the Z-wave version is “914TRL ZW 11P UL”.

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Thanks for your reply! I also heard back from Smartthings support and they told me pretty much the same: I bought the wrong kind (I did not see the small print on the best buy website) In any case, I guess it’s back to the store to return the zigbee one. I ordered the Z-wave version from the smartthings store.


Quick question, can the Kwikset 914 be “re-keyed” to match other deadbolts in the house that are non “smart”?