Zwave hose timer?

Is there a Zwave hose timer available similar to the iris orbit?

Plantlink says they have a zigbee one coming soon. But it has been coming soon for a while.

There are a couple of water valve controllers that can turn the valve which will work for hose control if you have the right kind of valve on the hose. These are usually described as being used to turn off water if there’s a leak, but the same device can typically turn on water as well. You just have to read the specs carefully. The main issue with these, though, is they can be pretty expensive.

The Fortrezz is on the official “works with SmartThings” compatibility list and would work, but typically costs over $400.

Also, before we go any further, are we talking about a hose for a garden? Or for swimming pool?

The reason that I ask is that the environment around the swimming pool is one of those where anything electronic has to meet a separate set of safety standards. The chemicals in the pool water, even if that’s not what’s running through this particular hose, can really damage electronics that are in the “splash zone.” Even cause a fire. So most residential building codes in the US have special rules for what electronics you can put into that area, unless you are buying devices specifically rated for use around the swimming pool, they probably won’t meet that standard.

But if it’s just for something to water a garden, then it just had to meet the same standards as indoor plumbing, and those are actually much less expensive to comply with. Well, except you may need something Spec’d for a wider temperature range. :sunglasses:

I plan to use it to hook a garden hose up to my veg garden drip system.

This is my plan as of now…
Get a 24vac power supply and a Zwave appliance module, run some wire from my basement out to the veg garden and…
(BTW…This was a suggestion that someone had either here or in another thread or forum.)

I saw that, but didn’t they also say that it would work well for one or two cycles and then the valve would freeze?

I did see something like that mentioned about the orbit hose timer that is a battery operated timer with a built in radio to communicate with the Iris system. My plan is to use is regular underground sprinkler valve that is powered by a 24 volt power supply in my basement that is in turn operated by a zwave module.

OK, then that should be simple enough. No waterproofing issues. :sunglasses:

BTW…the power supply is NOT 24VAC

So, I got my garden irrigation rig to work.
I used a typical inground sprinkler control vale. 15.00 at HD. A 24VAC power supply from and a regular Zwave plug in module,

I made the manifold with typical 1/2" drip irrigation parts that I had in the garage but I think that a PVC manifold would not be hard to rig.

Thanks for following up. Can you post the model number of the z wave module you used?

Leviton VRPA-1

Sorry for the late chime in on this, but I’m starting to see the massive creativity that comes with owning a smart home system. So you connected the valve to the plug in module and was able to turn the plug in module on/off, thus opening and closing the sprinkler system?

Are you able to set timing for the plug in module, effectively mirroring a “scheduled sprinkler turn on/off”?

So, the valve is only for my veg garden. My lawn sprinklers are on a separate standard irrigation clock. I only want to water the veg garden when the ground is dry. Not on a set schedule.

There are one or two irrigation sprinklers that supposedly work with smartthings. Check out the ST marketplace.

My next attempt at automation is to try to get my house looked lived in when we are away. The “routines” and the “vacation lighting director” are beyond my grasp. Hopefully ST tech support can walk me through it.
Good luck with your plan.

Fair enough, but the setup allows you to be able to turn your irrigation on and off via switch with the app, right? I don’t see why it couldn’t work the same way with an irrigation system… just possibly not with a schedule…

If you are referring to my veg garden, yes that is how i use it. If you are referring to my lawn irrigation then since it is a 6 zone controller that needs ac power or the 9V backup battery to maintain programing then as long as the 9V battery will not close the zone valves when the scheduled time arrives then I suppose you could use a ST module to wake the controller up to run the next schedule. Hmmm, I never thought of that. I may play with that in the spring when I open the system up.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure if there was a time schedule or something such as “turn on a lamp at 6am”… only the lamp would be an irrigation controller. I may go try it today just for the heck of it. Plus, that darn irrigation controller is the only thing left on my Iris system that I want to get rid of.

You should be able to turn on the" lamp" at a predetermined time. I just havent figured it out yet.
I want to get 4 of my controlled lights to randomly light to make it seem that someone is at home. The apps that are available for this are confusing. A couple months ago I called ST tech support but the person was unfamiliar with the apps and was trying to figure it out on the fly. Next time i want to spend some time getting it to work, ill hang up and call back if the person on the other end is unfamiliar.

Isnt iris zwave? If so, I would think that the iris irrigation controller would be recognized by ST.

Iris is zwave I believe but there is talk on other threads of it not being avaliable at this time. Figured I’d give it a try and see what happens. Now… can I run a 24V valve to an electric outlet without setting anything on fire? Lol

I researched that and purchased the correct power supply. Shall I find the
info for you?
Now, the iris… i thought you said that you had an iris irrigation control.

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